The Psychology of Tarot: Accessing the Unconscious Through Symbolic Language

Tarot works through symbols and images on cards. It provides a framework to analyse a problem or situation and to explore future solutions or options.

The Tarot is not a way of forecasting the future but a way to go deeper into our beings and uncover some parts of us that were somehow suppressed or blocked within us. As a client that I worked with me stated once:

“I learnt with you that the Tarot advises us, it guides us and it doesn’t give us anything for granted (…) it helps us to understand what is happening with us in the present moment and it puts hope in our heart for the future that will come” (M.A.)

Thus, applying the meaning of a card to a question or issue you bring to a session means that we will create the conditions to let your mind look for meanings and creative links that it wouldn’t usually consider. This is the magic of Tarot in a therapeutic setting: together we unlock your inner potential and bring to surface what already lies within you, transforming symbolic language – the language of the unconscious – into practical guidance for your daily life.

If you want to book a Tarot Therapy session with me or a simple Tarot reading report, please send a message either through the contact form in the blog, e-mail or even  through Facebook.

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