What’s Your Personality Type? I’m an INFP!

When I did the Myers Briggs personality test a few good years back and I got my results, I was totally astonished. I had been always against psychological tests (and guess what, I am developing a psychological scale at work!) of any kind, but I found something in this measure that no other test has ever given me before: resonance. It turns out that I am an INFP or in other words someone with the following characteristics:

I – Introversion

N – Intuition

F – Feeling

P– Perceiving

And what on earth does this mean? Well, it means that I am naturally introverted and that in order to balance my energy I need to spend a lot of time by myself or in quiet environments. Being an INFP also means that I function better when I use my intuition and when I my actions are guided by my feelings. It also means that I use my observation skills a lot when trying to understand reality.

INFP’s are often called “the idealists”, meaning that we may seem quiet but we do have a loud mind. We are usually creative and driven by very high values, which in my case makes things difficult when I want to form relationships and bond with others, since I tend to expect others to have similar values (e.g. authenticity, friendship).

A famous INFP was Princess Diana. I was about eight years old when she passed away and even though I always admired her humanitarian spirit, I never really looked at her biographic details. As I was watching a documentary about her on Netflix, I felt more and more identified with her. I found it extremely funny, because I had just asked the other day here if I was acting like a spoiled princess for feeling an eternal longing for the real-human-thing in life.

It’s not that there is something wrong with us; we are just naturally driven by an intense sense of idealism which often brings us some trouble. We are great at seeing the big-big-big picture of things but we don’t understand why can’t see the same thing. On another hand, we tend to fail to see the small-small-small picture, which also makes it hard to thrive in everyday life. We seem to enjoy big wars and challenges, but we struggle with the “simpler” things of life most of the time, such as establishing healthy relationships.

The list of famous and creative INFPs is impressive though, and whenever I look at that list I feel some sort of relief. Would Tolkien be a spoiled prince, too? And what about Shakespeare, or Jean Jacques Rousseau? J.K. Rowling? Maybe they were all spoiled, but they are certainly people who I admire a lot. Now, could you also be an INFP? If you have never done the test, I recommend you to start for free in this website. Don’t forget to let me know what is your result in the comments below!

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Characteristics of INFP Myers Briggs personality: introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving.


      1. It is really nice! There are articles I’ve read just focusing on the differences between INFJ & INFP. It’s fun to read about!

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