What’s Your Personality Type? I’m an INFP!

When I did the Myers Briggs personality test and got the results I was totally astonished. I had been always against psychometric tests (and guess what, I am developing a scale at work!), but I found something in that measure that no other test gave me before. I found out that I am an INFP (one of the 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types):

I – Introversion

N – Intuition

F – Feeling

P– Perceiving

Or in a way that I prefer most – I am an introverted-intuitive-feeling-perceptive-person. Wooooff! And what does this mean? Well it means that I am naturally introverted and the way that I balance the energy between me and the world out there requires me to spend a lot of time by myself or in quiet environments, even though my mind keeps being very active and looking for 100 ways to solve the world’s problems. I also function better when I use my intuition and I base my actions on my feelings. And finally I use my observation skills a lot to understand reality – I think that’s why I always remember what goes unnoticed and why I am usually good at “feeling” patterns.

INFP’s are also called “the idealists”, meaning that we may seem quiet but we have an entire world of wonder and action inside ourselves. We are usually creative and driven by very high values, which in my case makes things a lot difficult when establishing relationships with others, because we always expect them to guide their behaviour on these same values (e.g. authenticity, friendship). We are those ones who would literally die for a cause without thinking twice.

And I am bringing this up because I recently tried out Netflix – yes, I am always three steps behind technology – and I have been binging on documentaries related to Princess Diana. I was about eight years old when she passed away and even though I always admired her humanitarian missions from afar (to which I feel attracted all the time), I never really looked at her biographic details. As I was watching the documentaries I felt more and more identified with her and I could understand her pain and character in such a deep way that I decided to look for some psychological references to her personality. That’s when I discovered she was also an INFP.

I found it extremely funny, because I had just asked the other day here if I was acting like a spoiled princess for having this eternal longing for the real-human-thing in life. Finding out about Diana I now see that it is not about being a spoiled princess – it is about a way of being, perceiving and feeling. It’s not there is something wrong with us, we are just naturally driven by this idealism that seems bigger than the universe and that brings us some trouble, because we see the big-big-big picture and we don’t understand why others don’t. And we do fail to see the small-small-small picture, which also makes it hard to thrive in everyday life. We seem to enjoy big wars, but most of the time we struggle with the “simpler” things of life, such as relationships and having patience.

Nonetheless, the list of INFP’s feels so notorious that I felt some relief in my existential worries – would Tolkien be a spoiled prince too? And what about Shakespeare and Jean Jacques Rousseau? Or J.K. Rowling? Looking to that list made me feel at home… less crazy and more assured that there are other folks who feel and perceive reality like me.

Now, what’s your Myers Briggs Personality Type? If you have never done any test, I recommend you to start for free in this website. Let me know in the comments’ box what’s your type, if the information resonates with you and what do you think about personality tests in general.


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