Couscous Topped With Vegetables & Seafood

This last summer my godmother introduced me to a wonderful recipe with couscous and vegetables. If you follow my “in the kitchen” updates you know I am pretty bad at following recipes (*laughs*)! So that’s exactly what happened tonight – I borrowed her concept and used the ingredients I had available in my fridge.

This is how it turned out:




Here are the ingredients I used:

  • plain couscous
  • kale
  • mushrooms
  • seafood sticks
  • garlic olive oil
  • curry powder
  • mixed herbs

I put the kettle on to do the couscous, which are very easy and quick to do. While I waited for them to be ready, I put some garlic olive oil in a hot pan and added the kale. I let the kale become a little bit darker before I threw in the mushrooms. I mixed the kale and the mushrooms altogether and sprinkled everything with some curry powder first and then some mixed herbs. Almost at the very end I added the seafood sticks.

I made a layer of couscous in my bowl with the help of a spoon and topped it up with the lake, mushrooms and seafood mixture. I also added a quarter of an avocado cut in small chunks and added on.

The top warm layer will start mixing with the couscous layer – and that’s the nicest part of the whole experience! My godmother had also used toasted almonds to give a crunchy twist to her recipe. Unfortunately I had none at home this time!

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