Sunday’s Chat & Cuppa: My First Week Back in Lisbon

My parents’ cat and new editor of

It’s a blessing that I have this moment of silence and quietness to write a few words of reflection upon my first week back in Lisbon.

I’m sitting at my parents’ kitchen table with an espresso cup at my left and an albino naughty cat at my right. The cat is a ‘she’ – and she likes to tap my hands while I type. The only time she let me cuddle her so far was yesterday, and only because I was holding her food. Other than that, she’s mean and always ready to attack. Being a dog person, I can tell you… I’m satisfied with how far our friendship has come. In fact, she became the editor of in less than a week. What can I say, she’s clearly an alpha female while I’m a sigma, so she gets to be the boss much quicker than me.

I wish I already had actual pictures of Lisbon to share here, but the truth is that I didn’t have yet a chance to go to city centre. At the moment, my parents live at a 14km distance from the centre – and literally in the middle of nowhere. Plus, I don’t drive nor I have a car. Buses around here are scarce too. I will have to gain courage at some point though, and trade the comfort of a small green village for the busyness of the capital…

Winters in Portugal feel like Spring and a pair of shades is useful throughout the whole year!

I have also been ‘busy’ with long walks, sun and forest bathing as well as with blogging and thinking about what I feel like doing next. Although this is not the exact place I grew up in, it has been nice to enjoy nature and the warm weather.

I’ve been thinking of inviting other wellbeing bloggers to form a team so we can gather many more miles

Since I got here, I’ve returned to charity walks through Charity Miles – this time I’m supporting She’s the First, a non-profit that tackles gender inequality through education. I will tell you why I picked them in another post, but for now I would like to tell you that I’ve been thinking of inviting other wellbeing bloggers to form a team so we can gather many more miles. If you are interested and want to help, let me know in the comments below – I will be super happy if you want to join in! Peer support always raises the bar.

One of the places where I used to take long walks. I’m happy to return here now, free from memories of the past!

There is so much more I want to write you about. We need to talk about food, the pressure that more traditional societies put on women who haven’t got kids yet (I have been confronted with that at least twice in one week’s time… I’m also start being friends with a cat, should I worry?!), the South European love for bureaucracy, and the difficult task of ‘self-discovery’ – you know, that process in which you realise you have a shadow bigger than you thought and you DON’T like that at all… *shy giggle* Oh well, at least I have plenty of oxygen to breathe in and I’m charging my mindset with George’s help!

This song reminds me of my last Summer in Portugal before moving to England. It was an unforgetful summer with plenty of adventure, sun, ocean, and dreaming out loud!


  1. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures back home ☺️ I am definitely interested in learning more about Charity Miles too! I need to start losing some weight and what better way to do it than for a great cause!🚶‍♀️

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