My 2-Year Blog Anniversary

Oh boy, how did we get here? Two years have past since I posted How To Create a Morning Routine That Works for You, something that funnily enough I have been struggling with in the last couple of months! And I’m not ashamed to let you know about it – at all! We are only human and I’m not different from you or anyone else. Some days I wake up and I feel I know what I’m doing while other days are just chaotic and rather scary! Being transparent about it though is something that I value and it is certainly something you find A LOT on my blog. 😊

Signs of Spring in Canterbury, United Kingdom.

I think that’s called LIFE and the fact that most of us try to edit it to look good on the outside doesn’t help theΒ collectiveΒ much. Pretending that life is always a rainbow and omitting that rain is part of the package is like signing a contract without reading the smaller letters. This blog is actually about making the smaller letters visible. If I am not OK, I can’t write about positive emotions or pretend that there is nothing to be upset about. I’m not a monk and you are probably not one either, so we need to meditate on our emotions whatever they are and learn how to balance our lives that way. I believe that’s how we can build a stronger sense of wellbeing in our everyday life.

Cherry Trees, one of my favourites!

This blog has also been about self-liberation and reconnection with our humanness. No one is perfect at mastering life, even if you happen to be a psychology doctor and hold a good amount of diplomas. Yesterday I made a joke about how much I can save on wallpaper if I just use my certificates instead. They don’t save me from the precariat, they are just a piece of paper or cardboard and they tell you nothing about who I am or how I work. My attitude and craziness, however, are far better indicators of how I will be able to stand up and conquer the life of my dreams.

Inside the Blean Woods, Kent, United Kingdom.

Being brave or crazy enough to state that I don’t always have the answers is what has allowed me to connect with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages. It makes a big difference on the way clients feel while working with me and on the way I connect with people through this blog. We are not mere individuals, we are all swimming in the same ocean. If only we could see that, the world would be much more peaceful. We would be able to recognise that we all crave the same things and that we all do more or less the same mistakes. We all go through the same lessons one way or another. And like birds, we flock together according to the lesson plan we have in front of us at any given moment. Blogging has made me even more aware of that reality.

A selfie in the woods documenting how I feel much more human after my last trip to Canterbury, UK.

And as I wrote somewhere before on, I did celebrate these two years of blogging – not with a slice of cake, but with a super waffle after a long walk in the Blean Woods with G. The celebration didn’t go as well as I had hoped for, because G. thought I just wanted a picture of the waffle to upload on the blog and on my instagram account. He didn’t understand how much blogging, writing and connecting authentically through this platform means to me. I felt like he knows nothing about what drives me. And you know what, that’s ok. It made me sad, but later I explained to him how this blog is a very important pillar of my life; it’s where I document and reflect about my earthily journey. It’s where I get to be me and talk about what I think makes life worthwhile.

I would like to end this post thanking each one of you who reads me and has supported me in this journey. Sitting down in from of my laptop and writing is like coming home. Reading your experiences and learning about your point of views is even greater. I feel I have grown and I have matured in a way that wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t started this blog. I hope you and I can keep growing together. I hope I can keep reading your stories and I hope you can keep reading mine. I hope we can keep this sacred space between us.


  1. Happy, happy anniversary! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Wow, that waffle looked amazing πŸ˜‹. That’s my idea of celebration!


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