Positive Thinking by Neil Francis (Book Review)

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Positive Thinking

Neil Francis

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Business Life

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LID Publishing

What do you think about ‘Positive Thinking’? Is it really a good strategy to use on a daily basis, or is it a new age trend with very little to offer in return? Whatever your opinion is on this matter, Positive Thinking by Neil Francis is a must-read book, if you want to learn more about how positive thinking emerged in western society, what lessons can we take out from it, and what do we need to rethink about it, in order to make positive thinking an effective and healthy personal strategy.

Positive thinking became a popular concept thanks to non-fictional authors such as Napoleon Hill and, more recently, Rhonda Byrne, who wrote the book The Secret. Light readers of these works have taken and spread the message that holding on to positive thoughts alone is enough to create or change our reality. This couldn’t be further away from the truth though. Napoleon Hill, for instances, wrote at least an entire chapter on Think and Grow Rich dedicated to the importance of transforming a goal into a plan of action, because positive thoughts alone, although important, won’t make all the work and magic for us.

In Positive Thinking, Neil Francis addresses exactly this question throughout the first part of the book by raising readers’ awareness to aspects such as the need to accept the present moment and the situation we find ourselves in, right now. Francis goes, however, a step further in the second half of the book by sharing with us different and useful ways to enhance positive thinking and to actually make good use of it when pursuing our dreams and aspirations.

I personally found the first part of the book to be very eye opening and thought provocative. Neil talks about several important characteristics that can shape our positive thinking including optimism, gratitude, and resilience. The second part worked for me as a practical framework through which I explored my personal values, talents, dreams and goals by using the power of imagination and creativity.

One specific detail that I loved about Neil’s book is that he gives us several ‘real life’ examples of people whose positive thinking was crucial to their success. Some of these examples include Bill Gates and JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter. The book also contains word cloud graphics, pull quotes and highlighted pieces of information which make the book even more refreshing to read. And last but not least, you will also find a great list of references and additional resources (e.g. TED Talks) at the very end of the book, which you can use to explore and extend your knowledge.

To conclude this review, I would like to say this was one of those books that I absolutely devoured as soon as I could because it has a refreshing approach and a language that is clear and yet thought-provocative. Positive Thinking makes the topic easy to grasp and understand. It’s also a book that will inspire you to think and take action in a way that is down-to-earth, without losing sights of your creative and intuitive self.

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