New Moon in Pisces Energy Reading

For this New Moon in Pisces the Tarot and my guides tell me that the collective energy is ready to shift from the past astrological year and begin a new one very soon (March 20th). This is a moment in time of deep rest, surrender and healing. We are closing the door and tieing the wild knots or getting rid of what no longer is useful to our purpose here on Earth. Right now, we are all very emotional and somehow going within for some quietness and the right frame of mind to let go of the heavy baggage we accumulated over the past year. It’s also time to review, reassess and dream about the future.

New Moons are associated with cleansing, relaxation and dreaming. They are a rich cosmic moment to reassess what happened for us throughout the last lunar cycle and to question what would we like the future to be. Where do we want to go next? What do we want to accomplish? What can we do differently from now on? What can we aim to change in our life?

Whether you are moon sensitive or don’t believe in the power of the moon on human behaviour, we can all benefit from creating a mental, emotional and spiritual discipline around the moon cycle. I personally like to think and feel new moons as a special moment in time to go within and dream, set new plans and cast new seeds. I usually feel very tired around this time, but it’s also very exciting from an internal point of view. My mind gets racy, hopeful and thrilled by the chance to create new possibilities.

We are also approaching the end of another astrological year, since Aries season will start on March 20th. We are leaving the long and dark winter behind us, looking for a good sunny start. Therefore, we may feel the depth of reaching the end of a long journey that usually requires us to retreat, endure and face our own shadow. I feel a tad whacky to be honest. So much happened in the past astrological year. I felt very mentally and emotionally challenged, but I also reinforced my spiritual nature and I nurtured my connection with the Divine. I’m doing tarot readings publicacly, ain’t I?

So let’s dive deep into this New Moon’s reading which occurs in the sign of Pisces, a sign very well known by its dreamy, emotional and spiritual nature. The tarot reading for this New Moon confirms what I intuitively got from my guides and what I mentioned already above: this is an emotional moment for all of us and we are being led to finish a dark long journey which was triggered and marked by the pandemic. This is what the card Eight of Cups represents: we are abandoning the old and starting something new.

At the same time, we are also being invited to review and reset our life goals and aspirations. We are deciding the way we want our life to go and this is represented by The Chariot card. We are determined and I would say even eager to craft a brighter year for ourselves and our families. At the collective level, I believe we are done and ready to move beyond what made us stuck in this past astrological year.

To complete this New Moon’s reading, we have the Four of Pentacles, which mirrors our need for balance across different aspects of life. It also indicates that the goals and decisions we are planning right now will or should be focused on creating balance and harmony in our life. This means we can aim for a brighter future and also set realistic, down-to-earth plans. Based on what we learned over the past year, how can we secure a happier future?

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