The Wheel of Life – Free Coaching Printable

The Wheel of Life is one of my favorite coaching tools. My previous blog post was somewhat inspired by it. I like it because it is an easy and very visual way to assess different aspects of life. These may include health, relationships, finance, career, fitness, and leisure among others. I picked eight areas last time I drew a Wheel of Life for myself. You can select more or fewer areas as it depends on what you find to be important.

Once you know how many areas you are going to work with, you will then divide your wheel into slices according to the number of areas you selected. Sometimes I label each piece directly. Other times I give them a number and I create a separate label based on colors. Whatever creative path you follow, the challenge remains the same: to assess how you are doing in each area from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent).

After scoring each area, you will already have an interesting visual assessment of your life’s current state. You can compare different areas and check which ones you need to give more attention to. Take this exercise to another level and list two to three ideas to improve the aspects in which you scored the lowest. For instance, I scored 1 in Fitness, and here are three ideas I can put into practice to improve this area: (a) walk 30 minutes a day, (b) perform stretching exercises, and (c) do two low-impact workouts a week.

Doing this exercise helps us reflect upon life and generate solutions to improve the areas in which we are not doing so well and may not even be aware. Our well-being is a function of the balance we create between different aspects of our life. If you score high in one area but much lower in a couple few others, your overall sense of well-being will be a reflection of that imbalance. That’s why the Wheel of Life is one of my favorite exercises and my number one hack whenever I feel stuck or blocked in life.

Now it’s your turn to give this exercise a chance. Download your free printable and start assessing your life right away. Click the link below to get your Wheel of Life coaching tool.


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