Twin Flames Full Moon in Virgo Tarot Reading

Full-moons are usually a period of time of great intensity. They often represent the “apex” of the monthly lunar cycle. From a psychological point of view, the full moon invites us to complete or conclude what we started around the new moon period and then let it all go.

This is also the time to think about what has been bothering and harming you. Make a list of negative thoughts, unhealthy habits, or toxic people you no longer want to entertain. Be brave to look within and make the most out of this healing period. The Full-Moon is offering you enough light to see the deepest and darkest bits of yourself.

Virgo is an Earth sign and it has an introverted nature. It’s likely the most cerebral sign of the zodiac and attention to detail is one of its hallmarks. At this particular time, you may be feeling like you are changing your mind quite a lot and have a greater need for analyzing your life’s current situation. To help you navigate this full moon’s energy, here is your tarot coaching reading for the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo (March 18th):

Current Energy

The Page of Swords (reversed) suggests there have been communication problems and gaps between what has been said and what has been done. Frustration and perceptions related to misaligned actions and beliefs seem to be the source of miscommunication or complete lack of it.

Divine Masculine

The Five of Pentacles indicates there is now an opportunity to heal and recover from trauma, addictions, or past unsolved issues. These have been working as an obstacle or filter of reality with little to no positive outcomes.

Divine Feminine

The Two of Wands brings awareness to the need of envisioning and building a brighter and more hopeful future not just at a personal but also at a community level.

What to Focus On

The Seven of Cups (reversed) asks you to sit back and observe your life as it is at the moment as well as the choices you have been making. It might be an overwhelming process but a much-needed one. Where are you right now? Where do you come from, and where do you want to go next? Ask for guidance and seek your answers within.

What Are Twin Flames?

The concept of Twin Flames is older than one might think. Even ancient philosophical schools pondered the division of the sexes, giving birth to different opinions and theories. The general idea is that the human soul was originally androgynous and then divided into two parts, male and female. Each part would remain unperfect, or out of balance, until its reunion with its counterpart. Schools differ, however, in their viewpoints regarding the way this reunion occurs.

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