Tarot Coaching: Full Moon in Scorpio 2022

About the Moon

The Moon represents our emotions and our inner life. It is associated with the Feminine, the Yin energy, and the Mother archetype. The Moon involves aspects such as our intuition, our emotional reactions, and our motivation.

The Full Moon Phase

The Full Moon is a great time to look at what we have done since the New Moon phase, the time we plant new seeds for the future, and check-in with the results. How are you feeling about the goals we set two weeks ago? Are you feeling inspired or defeated? A lot can be going on right now in your feeling space, and that’s natural because full moons are intense periods. Be grateful for what has worked for you so far and release what didn’t. What stays and what goes? Forgive yourself and others so that you can create space for the upcoming lunar phase.

Your Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot Report

The Full Moon in Scorpio will take place on May 16th, 05:14 AM, GMT

  • Scorpio is a Water sign and it is ruled by Mars and Pluto
  • A full moon in Scorpio invites us to focus on regeneration and the natural cycles of life
  • The keyword is ‘Transformation’

The Main Message

The Sun suggests this is a time to celebrate life to the fullest and witness the richness of our experiences. It invites us to wrap up negative situations and transform them into positive lessons and tools for inner guidance. Be careful on how you deal with and manifest this energy as it can be very intense under the influence of Scorpio. Don’t lose yourself in sensual temptations.

What You Need to Release

The card The Empress (reversed) indicates you might have been suppressing your feminine energy which represents our emotions and intuition. It is time to embrace these aspects that are present in all human beings, regardless of the gender they were born or identify with. There is no shame in feeling all sorts of emotions. Feel them, be present with them, and then release them through healthy mechanisms of self-expression.

Divine Masculine

The World indicates you are feeling positive and assertive about changes you want to create and manifest in your life. You feel powerful in the sense that you are being impelled to look after yourself and take care of different aspects of your life, health, and well-being. The energy of this full moon in Scorpio is creating momentum and impelling you to act on your behalf.

Divine Feminine

The Nine of Cups suggests you are comfortable with what you have been achieving on a personal or professional level. You are now contemplating the process you have been through and starting to make sense of it all. Use the energy of this full moon in Scorpio to literally sit back and appreciate how far you have come. You might want to do an inventory of projects you have been working on and add a list of potential developments.

What You Need to Focus On

The Star (reversed) invites you to be mindful of your actions around this period of time. It is great to celebrate life and feel cheerful but be careful with excesses. Optimism is great as long as it is tempered with a dose of realism. Otherwise, you may indulge in illusions and regret your actions later. Remind yourself that this is a very intense full moon and unless you keep track of your thoughts and feelings you may find yourself disappointed within a couple of weeks.

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  1. Isa A says:

    This was education. I dont know much about astrology unfortunately, but it is a great subject. I knew about what moon sun and stars symbolize, but overall the zodiac relations etc was new and interesting. A d tarot I’m really intrigued by. Good job Vanessa! You know your stuff. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger


  2. Penny says:

    Amazing card spread and reading as always! Your readings always resonate with me. I also felt this on a soul level; ”The World indicates you are feeling positive and assertive about changes you want to create and manifest in your life.” Thank you so much for sharing, Vanessa! x Penny


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