Halloween DIY: How to Make a Jack-O’-Lantern Mason Jar

Learn how to make a Jack-o'-Lantern Mason Jar for Halloween Decoration

Are you into Halloween? Have you thought of Halloween home decoration ideas? And are you on a budget? If you answered yes, you can start with some Halloween home decorations DIY.

This post’s DIY is an alternative to pumpkin carving and a good option if you want to decorate your home by yourself. Plus, it’s a great way to upcycle food jars that are usually thrown away.

Here is a list of materials you will need for this tutorial:

Step 1: Clean Your Jar

If you are upcycling a jar, make sure you wash it thoroughly. On top of washing mine with detergent, I also cleaned it with a bit of rubbing alcohol to make sure its surface was clear.

Step 2: Position Your Halloween Figures

Cut out your Halloween figures. You can download the ones we used here. Position the figures inside your jar as you see fit and use tape to secure them. If your jar is small, you may find that a pair of tweezers might be helpful.

Step 3: Fill in the Figures

Use the figures inside your jar as guides to draw on the surface. You can use black glass paint if you have it, or acrylic paint. I like to use two coats of paint. Let it dry after the first coat and then reapply the pain.

Step 4: Add Colour Inside

Next, use a sponge brush or attach a small sponge to a pencil. Use it to apply the orange acrylic paint by tapping gently on the inside surface of the jar. Apply one first coat of paint and let it dry, before applying a second coat.

Step 5: Add the Tiny Details

Use a white permanent marker to make the small details in the figures. Add a face to your pumpkin, eyes to your bat, windows to your haunted castle, and of course do not forget your scary ghost.

Step 6 (Optional): Add Sparkle

This step is completely optional. If you want to add a special glow to your Halloween jar, you can add a little bit of sparkle at the bottom. Apply a bit of liquid glue first and then just sprinkle it.

Step 7: Create a Handle

Use aluminium wire to create a handle for your Halloween jar. This will make it easier to transport and move it. Place the wire around the neck of your jar and warp it around a couple of times. Use another piece of wire to create the handle and secure it on both sides by warping it around the other wire.

Video Tutorial

Final Thoughts

This is a fun and moderately difficult DIY for Halloween. If you like a cosy atmosphere and indoor lights, you are likely to be very pleased with the end result.

We also wanted to offer an option for Halloween decor that was affordable and also environmentally friendly. By upcycling your food jars, you are repurposing waste and transforming it through creativity.

In this tutorial, we used black and orange colours since they are strongly associated with Halloween but you can use your favourite colours too. Let us know if you give this DIY a try. Tag us on social media so we can like it.

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6 thoughts on “Halloween DIY: How to Make a Jack-O’-Lantern Mason Jar

  1. Awesome idea! Thank you for this – I was trying to come with new ideas for crafts to do with my daughter this weekend and now I’ve found it 🙂


  2. What a lovely and creative idea to make during Halloween and other festivities I’m sure. This would have been great during my teaching days. Although I would have probably looked for plastic jars. Thanks for sharing these with us.


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