Revelation Antarctica: The Morning After (24)

This week we keep following the storyline of William Harkwood, and his family’s association with the occult. If you have been following this narrative, William is part of an elite family who has been responsible for keeping a very peculiar tradition and a secret system of knowledge. In this week’s item you will learn what happens after William’s refusal to be part of this system. What will happen once he confronts his own father, Lord Harkwood?

Empath Journaling Questions: Part I

These are journaling questions I found on a book called Becoming an Empowered Empath, written by Wendy De Rosa. I think they are quite useful whether you are new to the empath concept, or already familiar with it. Journaling is a great tool to organise and process our thoughts and feelings. We always obtain some sort of insight that propels us forward or helps us gain a greater and deeper understanding of who we are. Being an empath in a world led by chaos, superficiality and materialism can be tough but right now we can learn from and teach each other about it. It’s time to embrace sensitivity and reconnect with the tender and softer side of humanity.

What Are Heavy Metals? And How Are They Affecting Your Health and Wellbeing?

Heavy metals such as copper are essential for our biological functioning. Excessive amounts of these metals become, nonetheless, toxic, leading to cellular and tissue damage. There are also non-essential metals such as aluminium and barium which can be toxic even at very low doses. Toxic amounts of heavy metals have been shown to affect cell membranes, their organelles (e.g. mitochondria, nuclei) and enzymes that play an important role in metabolism, detoxification and damage repair.

Revelation Antarctica: Lord Harkwood’s Study (04)

Following the storyline of last week’s item, Harkwood Hall, this week we dive deeper into the secrets of the Harkwood family. What will young William learn out about his ancestry? And about humanity’s hidden history? What is Harkwood the family’s role in this world? Read or listen to this week’s item thoroughly and let your imagination guide you throughout interesting and very provocative information about UFOs, bloodlines and initiations.

Dark Psychology: What Is It & Why Empaths Need to Learn About It

Dark Psychology is the study of human behaviour that is imbued with the intention of causing harm on another human being just to reap some sort of perceived benefit. Knowing more about dark psychology can help us prevent being exploited or manipulated by those who are not keen on helping or caring about us. If you are an empath or a highly sensitive person, you might benefit from this knowledge. According to Richard Campbell, author of the book Dark Psychology, human predators are usually good at hiding their true core and blending in with others. This is probably what makes it so difficult to spot them, and take the necessary measures to protect ourselves.

Revelation Antarctica: Harkwood Hall (01)

More and more people have showed a keen interest on the so called elite and its alleged meetings. Does such elite exists and, if so, is it really true that ritualistic events are held in secret? This item, Harkwood Hall, is the first item lifting the veil on this subject and it starts one of the twelve main storylines contained in Revelation Antarctica written by Gordon Keirle-Smith.

Downloads From Above

It’s not very fun though. Once I tap into someone’s field, I can know their feelings and thoughts but I can also trap myself within that information and become confused about what is mine and what isn’t. If I’m in a room with someone and I’m not very aware of my own energy, I can easily absorb the other person’s feelings and thoughts to the point that I even think those are my own feelings and thoughts. This is what make relationships really difficult for me. It’s an energetic enmeshment, and it becomes a serious problem if I don’t work on being grounded and energetically balances on a constant basis. In addition, I tend to repress emotions, especially anger, and if I repress for more than one you can imagine how that’s another nail in my coffin.

Making Time for Self-Healing & Self-Defense

Sometimes I like to be different but other times I unconsciously sabotage my wellbeing because I don’t want to be different and I just want to lead a normal life. I’m in a constant love/hate relationship with myself and that can only bring disturbances into my health and relationships. Even the work I’ve been trying to do for so many years now gets constantly affected. Although who I am requires me to live a human life that is not common, I must accept I am that I am. I must accept I’m different and I must seek support among those who are as different as me.

The Need for Psychic Environment Mastery

Perhaps my main problem is indeed emotional sobriety. The lack of control over my own psychic environment, comprised by both physical and emotional factors, is probably what creates more stress within me and what in turn triggers me the most. The resulting stress then worsens my autoimmune problems and makes me a prisoner of chronic pain on a daily basis. How can I build a better psychic environment for myself then? How can I have more emotional sobriety and find a balance? Follow this space here because I know I’m going to find my answers and I will share them here with you. In the meantime, I will leave you with a notion of what emotional sobriety is:

Revelation Antarctica: War in the Moon (68)

How will it be for you? When you let your imagination free and use it to see anything is possible. UFOs are hovering over cinemas showing the new “Star Peace” epic, although creative people can’t see them. “Coincidence Control” drives synchronicity, helping us discover our own destiny. Past lives are remembered and frozen souls from ancient Antarctica are reincarnating among us… Just three of the 99 illustrated narratives, articles and disclosures echoing  quantum physics on the other side of time.

Emotional Sobriety: Are We Really Supposed To Be Emotionally Almighty?

In the process of facing my codependency and food addiction, I stumbled upon something that Bill Wilson, cofounder of Alcoholic Anonymous, wrote about emotional sobriety. Wilson identified the root of his addiction in codependency and he sought emotional sobriety as the key to deal with it. In his words, emotional sobriety is about giving without expecting to receive in return. I recognise this thought but it’s a hard principle to follow. It has been hard to grow up without comfort and without a sense that I matter and that I’m seen. At what extent am I supposed to work on myself to let that go? Aren’t we all deserving of care?

The Self-Absorbed Person

I deeply believe that what bothers us in others is part of our own shadow. So a good self-development exercise is to ask ourselves the following: in which situations am I self-absorbed? I tend to be self-absorbed when discussing ideas and perspectives. If I have a hunch that what the other person is saying is not accurate, I will raise my sword and make my point prevail. This doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not able to agree with another or even give way to their take on reality. And if I take a good look at the table, I’ve engaged in all the listed behaviours at some point in life. The quest is to be aware of this and be committed to improve oneself on a regular basis. Personal development and personal growth are not cool trends, they must be part of your lifestyle, if your intention is to evolve as a human being. If not, that’s ok. No point in seeking answers or reading and writing blogs such as this.

Codependent Families & Family Roles: What’s Yours?

In codependent families, it’s not unusual to find that each member performs a certain role within the family dynamic. The role can change from time to time, depending on the family’s dynamic as a whole. Sometimes one family member may have more than one role. According to Wegscheider-Cruse, there are five different roles. Although unhealthy, these roles have a survival value and they allow family members to experience less pain and stress. Within my family, for instances, I have played different roles to reduce the cognitive dissonance that results from living and growing up within a codependent family.

New Moon in Taurus Energy Reading

For this New Moon in Taurus the Tarot and my guides suggest that both mainstream and alternative forms of media will continue to show us conflicting information. People are struggling to identify what is true and not true. This new reading also mirrors a previous reading I conducted back in March, which suggested that there would be changes in the financial system. Let’s not forget that Taurus symbolises money, material goods, and beauty.

Podcast Episode 05: What INFPs Really Hate

Welcome to this new episode of The Wellbeing Blogger Podcast! In this episode I expand on the INFP personality type and I address what INFPs really hate. I know “hate” is a very strong word, so let’s keep in mind that these are some of the things that INFPs don’t particularly like and which can work as triggers to upset them.

Revelation Antarctica: The Medium Is The Messenger (22)

I was living in the UK when I participated in a mediumship session at a nearby church. At that time, I still had my reservations regarding mediumship and my own qualities as a medium. I remember talking to myself and offering me encouragement to simply go with an open mind. So did I, in the company of a local friend who was also fascinated by the topic. I was offered a very intriguing reading. I was told about a lady who was surrounded by roses and a gentleman who wore a vintage hat. I believe they were my great grandparents. If I remember correctly, I was told to have time to smell the roses. At that time, this message made sense though, because I was overwhelmed with stress and anxiety at work. I wish I had repeated such experience while I had the chance, but I never returned to the church, mostly due to my skepticism. Year later today, I accept my gifts and I have also had plenty of proof that mediumship is real and it can play a huge role on people’s transformation and healing.

A Letter To My Addicted Self

It has been a long journey. I remember each up and down. I know your strategies. You start small and then the weight on your shoulders keeps increasing to the point you even forget where it started. You just want the pain to go away. The pressure. The heaviness and the fear of not knowing what to do to simply stop it. Just for today, a little bit more of fake comfort. Just for today, because tomorrow you shall rise and put your life back on track. The problem is that it’s never just for today, is it? It’s not that easy.

Musings of a Type 4 INFP

I’m in constant change, and people don’t like that, but it’s written on my Myers Briggs profile, on my birth chart, and on my enneagram type. It’s part of who I am. I’m all into one as in Meredith’s song and I don’t know how to only show the good people pleasing side anymore as I was conditioned to in my childhood. Some people can be Mother Teresa on a daily basis, and that’s awesome, but I can only be it half of the time because I’m more of an Alanis Morissette. I have good and bad days, sometimes I can nurture and entertain people, while other times I need my own time and space. Some days I’m over the moon, other days I poop my pants, I cry and I don’t know what to do with my life. Some days I just want to be taken care of and not be the carer, which I had to be for a third of my life to survive.

The Ancient History of Money

The same happened both in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire. Although fiat currencies didn’t exist at the time, the principle is the same. The greater the amount of currency circulating, the higher the prices of goods and services will rise. Roman coins became smaller and smaller to increase the amount of circulating coins and these were even clipped off as a tax when people needed to enter a government building. These clippings were then melted down and used to make more coins, also often mixed with less valuable metals. Eventually, the Romans faced the same destiny as the Greeks did: inflation came in and their empire collapsed.

Revelation Antarctica: Synchronicity – Remembering the Future (53 & 53+)

Have you ever felt like your life is not random? That each person you cross paths with or each experience you go through serves a purpose in your life? The power of synchronicity, which I believe to be connected with the law of manifestation, has always fascinated me. When I’m aware that such an experience is unfolding once again in my life I like to say That’s a sign!, a confirmation that I’m in the right direction or that I chose the right path to be in. This type of experience occurs more often when I’m taking good care of my wellbeing and paying mindful attention to what is going on. This week’s items, 53 and 53+, expand on this notion and offer you a good explanation of synchronicity manifests itself in our life.

The Power of Mindset: How To Set Yourself To Do Whatever You Want

The ego mind is very likely to play tricks on us and unless we learn to master its game we can’t go very far. We will keep relapsing and breaking the promises we make to ourselves and others. It’s a tough job; it’s hard work really but you must become acquainted with the way the mind functions so that you can remove what’s preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself. You have to tame your mind by working on your mindset and programing your day to day to be on top of your game. This week, for instances, I realised I do need to go to sleep before midnight if I want to feel good, rested and ready to keep building.

Do You Really Know Your Money? The Difference Between Money and Currency

Throughout the ages, different currencies have been used – spices, shells, grains and, more recently, paper -, but only gold and silver have been money. What we commonly call money is actually fiat currency, which does not hold value in and out of itself. It only acts as a medium to transfer value from one asset to another. This transference is solely based on confidence and it is strongly affected by the amount of currency in circulation. That’s why it’s called currency.

Podcast Episode 03: Friendships, Personality Differences & The Positivity Ratio

Welcome to the third episode of The Wellbeing Blogger Podcast! In this episode I talk about friendships, personality differences and The Positivity Ratio. I believe friendships must be embedded in respect, care and love. We must embrace each other’s differences but also be careful of personality tendencies that can hinder the quality of our relationships. Too much focus on negativity can be one of them and I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell you about the positivity ratio and the importance of balancing our feelings, thoughts and attitudes towards reality.

Revelation Antarctica: New Perspectives (91)

This week’s item, New Perspectives (91), expands your imagination and invites you to think about the potential effect of the moon on people’s psychology and behaviour. Do people become more sensitive and artsy around Full-Moon? Can that same hyper sensitivity allows us to tap into subtler dimensions of reality? Could we be trapped in a veil of illusion? You might as well want to re-read items 17 (Breaking the Mould), 88 (Motivations) and 92 (Trends in Moonglasses).

Wealth Creation & Preservation: Why Go With Bullion First

Precious metals are not the only asset you should invest on to create and preserve wealth but I believe it’s the most important one to start with. If we can learn anything from history is that gold and silver always prevailed over thousands and thousands of fiat currencies. It’s a wise investment decision and a step toward a more financially independent life.

Delayed Gratification: A Self-Discipline Strategy For Digital Creatives

I believe that as a digital creative I can benefit from a more organised and thoughtful publishing experience. If I create a weekly commitment of writing down a blog post, I will surely be more prepared and ready to just sit down and write. That will help me with being more consistent and more present as a writer but also more available to those who read me. Instead of having a spur of a moment kind of relationship with writing and publishing, I can have a reliable and more respectful bond not only with my own creative process but also with my readers. I just have to delay the instant gratification I get from writing and publishing.

Giving Myself a Break

I grew up with the wrong idea that I should always do the best for others so that they wouldn’t be mad at me. I pleased other people even when it was hurting me. I did it out of fear. Fear of being left alone in a scary, confusing and violent world. My mother has never been emotionally constant. One day she wakes up fine and then she shifts her mood quite radically and for no apparent explanation. Her mood swings have a lot of emotional violence and I assumed from a very early age that it was my fault and that I could always do better to avoid her spurs. I became a fixer and an enabler, always hoping the next time I would be able to prevent my mother from lashing out. If I tracked every action, feeling and thought, she wouldn’t be mad and raging. I just had to do everything right.

Stop Saying You’re Fine by Mel Robbins

I often say to my grandmother that life was surely tough in her time, but it was also happier too. Apparently Mel Robbins knows about this and a bunch of researchers too. We have plenty of choices now and that’s one of our main problems. From a cognitive point of view, that’s overwhelming and stressful, which in turn leads to unhappiness and to the unsettling experience of being stuck in life. Have you felt this way? If so, you are not alone, and this was actually one the reasons why I decided to have a look at one of Mel’s books: I found myself stuck. Again!

Relationship As A Spiritual Practise

Life is about balance and that’s why relationship is a spiritual practise. The quality of the relationship you have with yourself will be a reflection of the quality of the relationships you have with others and vice versa. The fact I have not done a great job at managing my own life by putting others first can’t be translated into harmonious relationships with others. Likewise, people who have solely focused on themselves by keeping other people’s needs at bay can’t expect to have harmonious relationships with others. We can’t run away from the nature’s universal law of compensation. In other words, you get what you give. If you put others first and disregard your own needs most of the time, others won’t put yourself first and will disregard your needs. If you put yourself first and disregard other people’s needs most of the time, others won’t put yourself first and won’t regard your needs.

To Reinvent or Reconnect With Myself, That’s The Question

Maybe my soul doesn’t want another normal job; maybe that’s why I get stuck in this place over and over again. I usually find a normal job and then end up frustrated anyway. This is what worse though: I don’t write books while I’m working and I also don’t write them when I’m unemployed. Fourteen years have past. I self-published a book and I got good feedback on it. So why I didn’t I follow through? I honestly don’t know the answer, but I hadn’t consciously made this question either, so I look forward to finding out some answers soon. Is life about reinventing yourself or actually reconnecting with what your soul is here for, against whatever people say?

Rage In, Rage Out: Unleashing The Hidden Beast

Why am I here again? Maybe it’s an opportunity to feel and express the rage I never let out worrying that I would hurt someone with my bursts. It’s a visceral rage that makes me cry, clench my teeth and contract my stomach. It’s a rage that stems from not being able to be and express my own raw emotions. It’s the rage I used to try to dissipate by listening to heavy metal and hardcore punk when I was 15 years old. Maybe I haven’t accepted duality, and the fact that I’m allowed to rage and fuck you can be part of my dictionary too. Yes, Jung said everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. I finally understand why other people’s anger irritates me so much. I spent most of my life denying it and redirecting it towards myself through overeating. Holly fuck, I stroke a chord here. I have repressed rage problems.

What Are Chemtrails? Is There A Real Reason To Be Worried About? All You Need To Know

Contrails are airplanes’ emissions that contain water and soot. They disappear under 15 seconds. Chemtrails don’t disappear that quickly and they show up as endless white lines in the sky that can prevail for hours until they expand and create clouds, which then become a haze or even some kind of weird fog. Lab studies have analysed rainwater samples and concluded that we have been mostly sprayed with aluminium, barium and strontium. It has all been done in the name of science, of course, and lately to promote the climate change agenda. The fancy word used to cover this up is geoengineering. Google it. Governments have been spraying us without our notice or consent for decades, and I must disclose it to you: they have also sprayed human beings with biological agents such as VX nerve gas and radioactive iodine.

What is Astropsychology? A Magnetic Marriage Between Astrology & Psychology

Astropsychology marries both psychology and astrology to offer not only a personality theory but also a practical tool to support each person on a path towards healing, self-integration and enlightenment. Based on Jung’s archetypal work and in many other schools of thought, astropsychology puts spirituality back on the human life equation and it reminds us of our connection with the divine. As such, astropsychology suggests that our psyche is a reflection of the cosmos, meaning that it is a reflection of the position of the planets at the time we are born.

Karmic Astrology & The Lunar Nodes

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it is incredible the amount of insight you can get from a karmic astrology reading. In a nutshell, karmic astrology talks about past and future, the transformation and evolution of our soul or self. By looking at certain aspects of your birth chart, you can gather information about who you were, what prevents you from becoming a better version of yourself, and what you need to work on in order to self-actualise. Such understanding can only improve the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Empath Fatigue: When Nice People Stop Being So Nice

Empath Fatigue (also known as Compassion Fatigue or Vicarious Stress Disorder) is a stress-related condition in which you stop being able to empathise with people. Your eagerness to help and be an active listener is substituted by overwhelm, exhaustion, depression, anxiety or even tearfulness for no apparent reason. You feel confused and most of all guilty for not being able to keep giving to other people as you used to. It’s like you are not you anymore, and you don’t even understand why. You just know something is not right and people who are on the receiving end start complaining about your lack of attention and giving.

Life is Beautiful by James Cusumano (Book Review)

What is Consciousness? Does Consciousness really shape our reality? And if so, how does that happen? These are just some of the questions you will find answers to in James Cusumano’s book Life is Beautiful, a book that I recommend in particular to those of you who are fascinated by the study and understanding of human consciousness and creation.

The Lightworkers Handbook: Duality | Part II

Old souls are the first ones to awake but they still have three-dimension old paradigms imprinted on them so it’s not an easy journey to begin with. They are nonetheless the ones who will be able to offer guidance and provide the basics of consciousness evolution to others who will also wake up and realise the existence of a Divine Self. There is, nonetheless, another aspect that old souls must understand and overcome: duality.

The Lightworkers Handbook: Spirituality | Part I

The first channeling session of this series took place in 2007. It is about Spirituality and coming to the realisation that we are more than a body and a mind. As a famous quote puts it: we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience. Not all of us are and become aware of such insight, because although we belong all to the same species in this lifetime, we share different levels of consciousness. Such differences can often be detected when people refer to some of us as old souls.

Silence & Solitude: Two Necessary Conditions to Center & Find Yourself

You can only find your center, the position to understand yourself and the way you live realit, by creating and giving yourself the solitude and the silence you need to analyse the way you live and be. You can’t find your center if you are constantly distracted by other people and the loudness that permeates this post-modern society where the individual doesn’t even know about his or her own process of individuation.