Apple & Beetroot Salad

I have been so lazy with my food since I went to Lisbon and came back! I really missed my zen moments around chopping veggies and making myself a nice and healthy dish. So today I am going for an apple & beetroot salad.

Here is what you need:

  • mixed leaf salad
  • two small to medium cooked beetroots
  • two red apples
  • nuts (to add some crunchy texture)

As usual, make sure your leafs are well washed. I buy mine in bags and it says they come already washed and ready to eat, but I like to rinse them anyway.

I just put all my green leafs in a big bowl and chopped my apples in cubes. A magic trick here: to avoid their fast oxidation, sprinkle your apple bits with some lemon or lime juice.

Then I cut my beetroots also in cubes and mixed everything together in the bowl. I added a little bit more of lime juice to season it up and I also added some nuts that I brought from Portugal with me last time I was there.

And there you go, another simple & easy to make salad for lunch!

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