I Am Coming Home

I am coming Home.

I got tired of rushing around… looking for instructions behind hidden signals… looking for certainty where none can be found.

Instead, I just want to go home. I want to go back to that peaceful and beautiful space inside my heart, filled with magic and awe.

I don’t want to keep running back and forward. I want go back home and simply breathe, renewing my old and damaged bones. I just want to be in my heart centre, where the breeze is warm and my cheeks feel ticklish, while I can smell the ocean and see all those beautiful aquamarine shades in the horizon, where water and air eternally kiss each other.

And I want to take these clothes off. They don’t tell who I really am, they are just an heavy armour preventing me from feeling and receiving whatever needs to come toward me. And I want to let my hair down and heal it too, making it go back to its original colour and shape.  I want to feel my skin soft and light just like when I used to love it wholeheartedly.

I want to step into my own being again, leaving aside what does not belong to me and letting go what was never truly mine – be it people, things or any experience. I want to wash away my body, my mind, but also my spirit, so I can just be and restore my human presence, exhaling all the love I have from the bottom of my soul.

Hence, I am coming Home.

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