Claiming Your Spot With Kindness

I used to be very angry when people would take credit by work that I had done or proclame they were the ones who came up with a new product, service or activity when actually they were basing what they were doing on stuff that I did. In other words, I always dealt very badly with copycats.

I used to produce personal agendas with positive psychology content in it. Today I am really proud of what I did: I designed every page, I chose the content, I made the necessary travel back and forth to print the agendas, and I was the one also doing the marketing, selling and shipping. But then I moved to England and I decided I had to pause my product.

Randomly, I got to know that someone to whom I used to work for as an intern took my idea and was selling a very similar product, not to say the same. The name was different, but the whole concept was pretty much the same as mine and, also randomly, I just had sold one agenda in the previous year to someone who was still working for that same person. I got very upset and that time I had a friend who had studied law and he even said to me that I had a “case” there. I chose to let it go, because I was too far away and I didn’t know what to do exactly from miles away. But I didn’t really let it go, because I was still burning inside with anger and sadness, all at the same time.

Later something similar happened at the university. Someone took credit for my work and once again I was facing the same negative emotions. I was again enraged and let myself be consumed by it. I didn’t want to speak it out but I was not doing a great job either by suppressing what I was feeling by all means. I then remembered all the past situations that had the same inherent lesson… and I asked myself: alright, there is something in here that I need to learn, what is it?

And I meditated. I sat with everything. I remembered who I truly was and I also became aware that I always treated people as if whatever they did it wouldn’t bother me. But it did. So I started to speak; I started to speak to myself and let myself feel angry and sad in that moment, instead of pushing it underneath my tapestry. I forgave myself for not loving me enough to let people know how they hurt me. I kissed my ego wounds and realised that next time I would speak it out… with kindness.

And so I started to do it with every situation I encountered. Whenever I would feel angry or sad because of something that someone would do… I would say it to the person with kindness. I would centre myself first, in meditation; I would get clear and calm down the emotional turmoil… and then I would be present and speak. I would confront my fear of disappointing people and I would love myself enough to let me feel what I was feeling and to share it with the world… with kindness. With ease. With awareness.

That’s how it has been working for me. I realised my angriness and sadness were just killing me, moment by moment. So I chose instead to speak with kindness… from my heart centre and the truth is that nothing bad ever happens if you express yourself from your heart centre. That’s the trick. Never let stuff get underneath your carpet, because you are the one who suffers and you are the one who will having sleep troubles.

May you see the truth. May you speak the truth. May you be it.



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