Decluttering Your Life

Do you know those times in your life in which everything seems to be a big mess? I am sure you do, we all have been there and I know for sure that I am in great need of a huge decluttering hack when I see myself eating large pizzas for the whole weekend!

You may not eat pizzas all by yourself like I do, but you may find other specific cues in your present routine that are clearly asking you to declutter your life. You may be drinking too much, you may be accumulating stuff you actually don’t need and you may even be irritable, aggressive or unexpectedly rude to people. All because… things are messy and you are not doing anything to change that and move forward in your life.

So now that you and I know this, what can we do to start decluttering our lives, keep our minds at ease and more clear-headed about where to go next in life? I would like to share with you these three ideas that I am applying myself:

  1. Clear out your space: if your outside is messy and chaotic (e.g. you have pizza boxes all over your table or huge piles of worthless papers in your shelves), your inside will not feel very motivated to translate your inspiration, dreams and visions into reality. You will subconsciously be influenced by your messy environment and feel easily demotivated without knowing why. Plus, if you are moving among chaos, the energy can’t flow and if any can’t flow… your mind will be dull.
  2. Make a list of what you have been avoiding: we all have these ‘things’ we don’t really want to do either because they are boring, or because they will actually demand continuous care and effort from us after. Just list everything you have been avoiding (e.g. specific emails, activities or even people!) and start with the most difficult or challenging one. Just go and do it! 🙂 Seriously!
  3. Stop making use of your good excuses: we always have good excuses, don’t we? Mine have been meditation, yoga, reading books, and even writing… These are very good things to do, but it’s important to be aware of how we actually may be sabotaging our life by keep avoiding things that we must do (e.g. collect data for your PhD…) in order to be able to go up to the next level (e.g. finish your PhD on time).

I hope some of these tips can help you unblock and unstuck you from your current mess and chaos. You just need to declutter your space, mind and heart to make things flow.

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