Walking For #OperationSmile On A Regular Basis

With all the struggles at work, depressive moods, lack of an active lifestyle and weight gain due to my eating disorder, I decided to walk everyday despite any weather forecast. But how many times I decided that and gave up after a couple of days? Countless times! However, one of these days I was looking for mobile apps that could help me take those change steps I so strongly need… and I found Charity Miles.



Charity Miles is a mobile app that literally helps you to “get fit” while making a contribution to a cause of your choice. You can walk, you can run or even bike – the track of your activity is then converted in money to charity. I haven’t figured out how we can actually see our total contribution besides the number of miles we did but I am still discovering the app in that sense. The important thing for now is that the whole concept have kept me motivated to go out and actually do that regular walk that we all need to at least keep ourselves physically actives on an everyday basis.

Therefore, and unless I am really not functional at all, every time I think about staying cosy at home after work I think twice and I remember myself of the charity I am supporting: #OperationSmile, which helps children who were born with a cleft condition getting the necessary surgery to save their lives (9 in 10 children with this condition die!) and have a full smile. Besides death, these children also face social stigma, hunger and thirst, as well as speech impediment. The surgery improves their lives like 200% and this is now my MAIN motivation to go out and walk as much as I can!

What about you? Do you think you could try doing something like this? And if so, which cause would you like to support?


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