3 Top-Tips: When Flying Internationally

I hate to have to get a flight, because airports are one of the most stressful places for me. There is not only a lot of movement, but also a lot of people pushing right and left, either worried about bags, kids screaming, or buying tax-free as much as they can.


One of my stress peaks is when they have to scan your stuff and you need to take off clothes and shoes. It’s not such a big thing but when you are in a queue of people, you can feel the stress of waiting for your turn and the cold treatment you get once you reach airport security.  Therefore I started to think about ways to reduce the time I need to spend in such environment and here are my three top-tips on it:

1. Wear comfortable clothes and as few pieces as you can

Of course there are words of caution depending on the weather forecast of the place you will be travelling to. For instances, this summer when departing to Lisbon I wore a pair of sneakers (which usually I am never asked to take off), a pair of jeans (no belt on, because you have to take it off when you reach the scanning bit!), a t-shirt and a blazer. If I was traveling during winter, I would be wearing a comfortable jumper and a winter coat. Save your jewellery and accessories for when you reach your destination!

2. Avoid taking with you any liquids, including make up products

And if you do, make sure the containers respect the airport rules (e.g. volume under 100ml). Once I lost a whole new Garnier make up remover, I learned my lesson. Make sure you put all the liquid products in a separate small plastic bag (you can find them at the airport for free) and that you also throw away any water bottles before you step into the queue.

3. Have your documents together in one place 

… because you don’t want to be looking for them when you have to give in your bag for scanning, separate the liquid products bag from your baggage, take off your shoes and coat as well as moving down the line to be scanned too. The simpler you organise your stuff, the quicker you will advance in the process.

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