A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle (Book Review)

I read this Eckhart Tolle’s book in one week, but I am sure I will have to come back to it over and over again to deeply savour his teachings. I literally couldn’t stop reading or stop reaching out for it, because I felt like the book was really a doorway to home. And Eckhart not only talks about that feeling as he also explains how we can move back to that sacred place in which we feel to be at home.

I do think Eckhart’s teachings are for everyone, but not everyone will be able to grasp his messages at the same time. Even though breathing is something we find quite easy – after all, it’s an automatic process – it’s not easy to do so while being fully conscious of it. That’s where the challenge lives and that’s the invitation Eckhart makes us in this book.

.My own edition of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

The book I have is a 2005/2006 edition and it comprises 10 chapters. Every chapter is a pure delight and challenge to our minds. Some passages can be difficult to understand at first, but there are others that will click immediately with you. One of my favourite teachings from this book is about the pain-body. The pain-body is all that baggage that we keep carrying on, so often unconsciously. It can be activated by small or big triggers, but the hard fact is that it blocks us from living a full conscious (and happy) human experience.

From trapped emotions to ruminative thoughts and unhealthy behaviours (e.g. addiction), Eckhart suggests us to accept whatever we experience and not offer resistance to it, because the more we resist, the more we will be building up our pain-body. At least, until we can’t live with it anymore. That’s when we usually decide to change and opt for a better life here on Earth.

If you are interested in buying the book, please click here.

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