How To Make New Year’s Resolutions That Do Come True

The end of a year and the beginning of another is a very inspiring time for me. It’s a time in which you dream about all the things you want to change in your life and career. And it’s a time to grab pen and paper to write down such resolutions.

But this is the easiest part, right? We have no difficulty in naming what we want to change, but we do struggle with how to make change happen and most of all how to make it last. This is because we are usually too abstract in what regards making resolutions.

We are able to say that we want to lose weight but we don’t form a clear vision of what that would mean according to our own reality. We are surely ready to get that gym subscription but we are not fully aware of what actions and attitudes need to be developed in order to transform that subscription in fitness results. Therefore is not enough to desire change; we need to see the bigger picture. Here are three steps to help you generate new year’s resolutions and make them come true.

1. Do Grab Pen And Paper

Mental notes are certainly easier but the chance of forgetting about them is huge. Grab a pen and paper and write down the change or changes you wish to see in your life and/or career in the upcoming year. Use bullet points and make it short for now.

2. Find Your Why

For each bullet point, think and make a note of why you want that change to happen. Why do you want it badly? Seek inside of yourself first, because internal motivation is a greater success indicator than external motivation. Plus, your why is the fuel of your change; your why is what will make it last.

3. Make A Plan

Now that you have your list and your whys, it’s time to choose the most important resolution and make a plan. How will you go from A, your current situation, to B, the place you want to see yourself in? What do you need to make it happen and get results? Let your mind flow, use your creativity and don’t forget to write down all the solutions you find.


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