A Poppy Apparel’s Dress That Will Flatter Every Woman in The New Year


I remember all those moments of frustration in dressing rooms trying hard to find something that would fit and also look good regardless of my body shape or size. Often whenever I would find something that I liked it wouldn’t fit and when it did fit it would be probably something that I didn’t really like to see myself on and that I would find terribly horrible.

In those moments, frustration would grow and eventually endure until I give up and end picking up more casual clothes like a blouse and a pair of dark jeans. And even though a blouse and a pair of jeans can make a great success in several occasions, I think women in general will always have that secret desire of looking a little bit more classy, a little bit more chique and a little bit more sexy in special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s eve.

I personally did spend the last two months looking for something special to wear during Christmas and the New Year’s eve. Now it’s fairly easier to find clothes that fit me but most of the time there is still the problem of find something that is not only attractive to our eyes but also flattering. So thinking about this and to celebrate the fact that I am now Poppy Apparel Ambassador I picked a dress that I know for sure that can and will flatter every woman. And how do I know that? I will explain it to you, but first let me show you ‘the’ dress.

SAOIRSE BODYCON DRESS by Poppy Apparel £15.23 £22.47


Gorgeous, ins’t it?

Now I will explain why this exact dress can flatter every woman. This is usually a great dress shape for women whose body shape is an hourglass, which means that the top and bottom of the body are proportional to each other. If you don’t have such body type though don’t start panicking, because that’s where the dress makes its wonders. Here is why:

The dress is designed to create volume at the top and bottom while accentuating or creating a waist line. Therefore it enhances or creates body curves naturally. But this is not the only reason why this dress is a must have. Take a closer look:



Besides accentuating your feminine body shape, the lace motifs give you a romantic look, while the V-neck grants you a sexy twist without the danger of looking “trashy”. Plus, the bottom of the dress goes just a little bit beyond the knee which makes you look classy and confident.

Another great thing about this Poppy Apparel’s dress is that you can find it up to XXXL size. Yes, that’s right. You read perfectly fine, it’s available in bigger sizes, and now you can also have it with a 10% discount, on top of the website’s sale price. Just go to http://www.poppyapparel.com, search for “Saoirse bodycon dress”, add it to your cart and enter the promotional code “worklifefitness10”. This way you will be able to purchase this exact same dress for only $18 (£13.3).

And you want to know another thing that I love about this dress too? You can use it in several occasions, including at work when paired up with a plain a blazer or at a party when paired up with a black leather jacket.


Let me see your New Year’s look or how this dress looks on you – tag me on instagram (@work.life.fitness) and I will surely like and comment your look.

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