Valentine’s Day Plans of A Very Happy Single Woman

Ah! I have already seen tons of those fluffy and red-toned posts about Valentine’s Day – I love them! -, so I decided to make my own little post about how am I going to celebrate such day as… a #VeryHappySingleWoman! By the way can we make this hashtag go viral? Yes?! Please, yes?! 🙂

Now… I am going to confess something that I am really pleased with. Something that I feel really, really, really good about. And what is that? Well, it’s that I have never been so happy by myself or, in other words, I have never been as happy as I am now with the fact that I don’t need to be in a relationship! Honestly! And the reason why I feel so happy about this is because I was a soul always looking for love in the wrong place and getting deeply wounded all of the time. I was always begging for love, because I had none for myself and I kept allowing unhealthy relationships in my life with the hope of finding the love I was looking for.

However, a few months ago – and more specifically when I set myself free from another narcissistic relationship -, something changed in me and I finally understood what it really means to love and respect myself. I finally understand everything they say about you having to love yourself first because if you don’t, you will never find that person that will love you as much as you wish and deserve – you will be instead too busy with those who don’t love you and you will miss those who do!

And I am so happy about being in “this place” right now, where I get to think “is this guy respecting and loving me like I deserve?” before I get myself into any kind of relationship, that I want to create a nice Valentine’s evening for myself and celebrate my grown up “love achievement”. So here are the ingredients of my plan:

French Champagne

I don’t understand anything about champagne. And I also do know little about wine, by the way. BUT this year I want champagne to celebrate this day and I specifically want a French one. Why? Well just because yes or maybe because that’s what I always have seen on movies! F.R.E.N.C.H. champagne: do you have any recommendation?


Cliche, right?! I know, it’s very cliche! BUT I want to have strawberries and coat them with milk chocolate (or maybe dark?)! It’s going to be my dessert, period.


I love sushi! And of course I will have it at home! Or should I pack everything and go to the beach by myself? Hum… that’s actually a good idea, weather permitting, so let’s see! BUT I will be having sushi and I already know where am I going to buy it from: Iceland!

What would you add to this plan? I am open to any suggestions! And how are you going to celebrate this day? Let me know and do make use of the hashtag #VeryHappySingleWoman if you want me to look at your stories! 🙂 Follow mine at IG on


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