Crustless Green & Red Quiche

I accidentally came up with this recipe. The first time it worked “ok” and I gave it a second try this past Sunday while making a few changes to it as well. It is a recipe that is super easy to follow and do – you know I like to keep it simple in the kitchen, I wonder when will I apply the same principle to all my other life sectors (haha)! Plus, you can enjoy it guilty free because you will not have the extra calories that regular quiches have due to its crust.

Here is what you will need:

  • a generous portion of baby spinach leafs (when I say generous… it’s maybe 3 cups)
  • a generous portion of green beans (again, by generous I mean that I used half of a fresh green beans bag from Aldi)
  • a pack of plum tomatoes
  • one can of sliced mushrooms
  • ten eggs
  • pepper and salt

How to do: 

  • mix 6 eggs altogether and add some pepper and salt
  • cut the spinach leafs in three and involve them in the eggs mixture
  • cut the green beans in small chunks and add them to the mixture as well
  • mix and add the other four eggs to your mixture
  • put the mixture in a round or rectangular pyrex (preferably with a lid)
  • cut the plum tomatoes in halves and spread them in the surface of the mixture
  • add the sliced mushrooms on top and
  • take everything to the oven

I am not sure how much time it took to get it done in my oven, since it is an odd one, but I would say 60 minutes at a 180C temperature. And because it’s always to remember – all the ingredients I used are from Aldi UK.


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