Psychological Traits Portuguese Are Known For

Portugal’s popularity has certainly increased since the 2016’s European Football Championship and the 2017’s Eurovision final. If we gave new worlds to the world in the 15th century, by reaching places like India and Brasil, the world is certainly discovering us now, six centuries later. People from around the world have been visiting us, enjoying the weather and our friendly culture, while also falling in love with our food and wines.

Nonetheless, I would say that Portugal’s recent popularity is due to some very specific traits most of us share, which may explain why we have only been reintroduced to other European fellows and even to the whole world just now.

We are humble and reserved 

Instead of showing off our qualities, we reach people’s hearts and minds by keeping a low profile and by giving our best to others. When compared with other south European countries, you will not see us spitting fire and throwing stones to people. We can be quite passionated but we prefer to be diplomatic and more joyful. Just have a look on how our President reacts in the video below:


We are emotionally intense 

We have created Fado (music genre) and we have fantastic poets such as Fernando Pessoa and Florbela Espanca who amazingly wrote about feeling everything in every single way possible. We basically make love with words and who best to show you that than Salvador Sobral, the winer of the 2017’s Eurovision festival:


We are not ugly competitive 

I believe that because we gave new worlds to the world centuries ago and because we were the first ones contacting with foreign nations, we are very much open to others and whoever visits our country. We always do our best to speak in a language you can understand (e.g. english, french, spanish) and we are typically givers. We embrace different cultures and I think our history shows how we usually strive for friendliness with other nations. This attitude doesn’t make us aggressive and ugly competitors. Check out this kid’s reaction when we won the Euro Championship in France, in 2016:


In sum, we are not a “show off” nation. We do what we have to do, without making a blast of it and we keep loyal to our values and attitudes.


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