Every Woman Deserves To Be Treated Like a Princess

Whatever people may think about the royal wedding of the century (wasn’t it?!), the union between Prince Henry and Meghan Markle has certainly made us rethink a lot of things. There is, of course, a whole buzz about Meghan’s race – I thought race discussions were now overrated by the way – but what I have been particularly enjoying is the discussion around fairy tales.

Now that most women were comfortable with the idea that “there is no such thing as old-fashioned romance”, here comes a delightful story to strongly shake our beliefs and post-modern relationship patterns. The romance between Meghan and Henry is certainly one of a kind but there are a few lessons that we can definitely start applying in our love life:

Only settle for what you deserve

Have you seen how Henry looks at Meghan? He is totally devoted and committed to her. That’s the kind of look we should all aim for, one that is filled with passion… but also tender love.

Choose Happiness over Comfort

How many times do we choose to stay in a relationship just because it is a comfortable situation? The fear of being alone and single is so big in women (I challenge you to say otherwise) that we often prefer to stay with someone that “feels ok” rather than wait for a man who will respect and honour us just like we deserve.

You are worthy of being treated like a princess

I remember to refuse everything related with princes, princesses, and the pink colour, when I was four or five years old. I was definitely raised in a time in which women told one another that they had to be “tuff” and therefore no royal tendencies should be developed . Women now in their 30s and 40s live a huge fight within themselves – they want to have equal rights but they have also distanced themselves so much from their own femininity that they are now in a rollercoaster, juggling between “almost relationships” and red-velvet cupcakes to heal their love frustrations.


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