FITNESS-FRIDAY: Three Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

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While working out, there have been times when I have come across offbeat questions. People have asked me the weirdest of questions and have left me dumbfounded. So, for a week, I conducted a little survey, asking people about their problems and their excuses for not going to the gym. Below mentioned are the questions I asked my followers to understand their behavior and mindset before reaching a conclusion. Also, their responses helped me to suggest tips for enhancing their physiques.

  1. What stresses you out the most?
  2. How often do you eat outside?
  3. How happy are you with your body shape?
  4. During weekends how much money do you spend over drinks?
  5. How much water do you drink in a day?
  6. According to you, what is the best diet for your body?
  7. What is your preferred drink – tea or coffee?
  8. What is your least favorite fitness exercise?
  9. What is your breakfast timing?
  10. What helps you stay full throughout the day?

These number of questions helped me to decipher few common behaviors. It further assisted in providing the solution to avoid these occurring. Lot of people complained about the weight management, finances, lack of time due to their busy schedule at work, eating lot of processed food, not drinking enough water and choosing the wrong tea. Also, few people talked about the vitamin supplement that they intake on a regular basis stay energized.

Now, all these problems have a solution and it will only ask you to shred away 15-17 minutes out of your 1440 minutes in a day. This is not a tough task. Don’t fall into the trap where people are casting a spell on you and asking you take supplements for quicker results. Don’t inject your body with foreign materials which it doesn’t understand. Take it slow and you’ll see results in the long term. Furthermore, it gives a sense of pride when you realize that you did it, the hard way.

Take up these 3 exercises before you go for a shower or whenever you have time. Also, you don’t require any equipment for these 3 exercises. These 3 workouts will mold your body in a manner where you can take up bigger challenges.


For many, the thought of performing a push up conjures memories of gym class. Perhaps one of the easiest exercise movement, push up activates nearly every muscle in your body, which yields far more than toned muscles and increased endurance. Push-ups increases functional strength and activates your entire body. Major muscle groups, such as your biceps, core muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids and lower body muscle groups are activated to support your body while stabilizing your movements. I perform this exercise on a regular basis irrespective of what my routine. Try doing at least 30 divided into 3 sets, or 50 if you think you can push yourself a little bit more. This exercise not only improves your posture, but also helps you in cultivating a strong body.


Squats is another power pack exercise. If you’re looking to boost your overall fitness and get some results, then look for no other exercise then performing squats. For a starter you can go for 3 sets of 15 each, or 3 sets of 20 each if you think you can push yourself a little bit more. Squats trigger the testosterone in your body, which are harmful for your muscle growth. Squats again helps you in keeping your posture right and balanced. It helps you in building both the upper and lower body. It will boost your immune system, keeping you active and energized throughout the day. It burns your fat and boosts your performance.


Before I advise you to do this, let me make one thing very clear that crunches do not actually burn fat. But it is one of the most effective exercise if you combine it with the other two I mentioned above. It actually flexes your muscles and can help you to keep you positive by sending a message to your brain that you have started working for it. It is more of a controlled exercise and helps you improve your focus on the other exercise and also increases your flexibility.


The above mentioned three exercises complement each other and if done regularly can bring ample amount of change in your body. By that I do not mean that these cannot be done separately. But, if these three are combined and practiced, great result is inevitable.


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