Stupid Things Guys Do To Win A Girl Over

Based on recent experiences, I came to notice that we as women often do a lot of stupid things when we develop some kind of a ‘crush’ on someone. We wait for hours for a message, we excuse not excusable behaviours, and more often than not we go way beyond our personal healthy boundaries. Did any of this ring a bell?

My most recent experiences on the flirting scene have also brought me some more interesting facts, many of which I was never really aware of in the past. Of course, I can only speak about what I see, and therefore that perspective limits me to what guys usually do. However, I’m pretty sure that some aspects are transferrable to what women do in one way or another when they also try to impress the guy they have a ‘crush’ on. So here are three things I recently spotted:

They Emphasise Their Assets Too Much 

Just based on the past week, I had guys throwing gym pictures at me, countless statements about how much they earn, what car they drive, whether they are home owners or not, how put together they feel in life… Man, it just turns me off. Even if there was a remote chance of reciprocated feelings, such emphasis on personal and professional assets makes me feel noxious. What I really value are actions more than words and more often than not what a guy says doesn’t really correlate with what happens in reality. If someone is that worried to tell you what a great catch they are for you… then it’s probably not the right guy for you.

They Become Too Self-Centred 

Linked to the previous note, when a guy over emphasises how good they are in paper, they usually are also too self-centred. They are so worried about reporting to you how good their life is and how great they are that little cognitive resources are left in their mind to consider and recognise you as a person separate from their ego. And if a guy is too self-centred, you know what that means: you can’t expect much authentic presence and attention from him.

They Try To Keep Up With Your Argument

Whenever a guy meets an intelligent girl who likes to debate stuff, they do their best to keep up with the argument, and more often than not they will embrace the “I know it all” attitude just to preserve their male pride. They might even say things that seem completely ridiculous, and they may even try to convert you to their thoughts and views. If you notice that a guy tries too hard to compete with you on arguments in order to look smart… that’s probably also not the guy for you.

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