Men Who Wait For The Right Woman

If you have been reading me for a while, you probably already know that I am one of those girls who fantasises with meeting the perfect imperfect person to settle down with. I have written quite a few times about not accepting anything else than you deserve and that each woman deserves to be treated like a princess.

I never wrote about men who wait for the right girl though. Actually I have been led over the last couple of years to think otherwise. However, today I found out that this might not be entirely true: some men do seem to wait for the right one and prefer to wait for her instead of indulging in temporary affairs that only satiate their ego but not their soul.

I think I’m still surprised to be honest. It feels so unusual. So rare, you know? I’m still quite intrigued by this man who says that it’s better to only have sex with someone who you are not going to leave first thing in the morning. I already had lost my high hopes of meeting a man with such thought. I don’t mean that men are exclusively driven by sex – after all some women are acting more like that in public too -, but… it’s so comforting to meet a man likes this.

It feels so dreamy. I’m even having goose bumps while writing. Who is this man? What other thoughts does he hold on to? What makes him tick? What sort of woman is he waiting for? What fantasies does he have? And what does it feel like to be him?



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