The Benefits of Sprint Training

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All the sprinters and track-men have a strong core. Have you ever wondered why? Do you think is it because of the number of core exercises they do in the gym or because of their intense training? Well, of course all these are the building blocks of strong abdominal muscles but there is one more exercise which not only strengthens your core but also brings about so many changes in your body. Few are which you can see it for yourself and the others can be felt. The exercise I’m talking about is “Sprint training”. This is the most explosive training one can do. I’m sure that you must be wondering what does explosively has to do with abdominal strength and tone? Let’s first realize that it’s not about putting on your running shoes and doing few laps, but what I’m referring about here, is high intensity. More the intensity in your running, more the involvement of your muscles, such as legs, glutes and of course the core.

Sprinting is one of the most effective and muscle shaping exercise. It is not only making you physically strong but also preparing your mind to be strong as well. It helps in building perseverance and discipline. So, here are my giveaways for one of my favourite exercises.

  • Improves overall metabolism – In a very short span of time, sprinting burns a great deal of calories. According to a study, it not only burns your calories but improves your metabolism massively. So, you burn calories even when you’re not sprinting.


  • Strength and Power – Sprinting is an anaerobic exercise. Lot of muscles are involved while doing this activity. Thus, helping in not only muscle size gain but also more body power. Which further assists you to lift more weight at the gym. And when you lift more, you eat more. So, all these participatory things give you a precious gift – a good body.


  • Mental formidability – As I mentioned in my earlier point that it is a high intensity exercise. So, there will be moments of uncertainty in the middle of your workout that will challenge your ability to finish. It strengthens your mind to push through the uncertainties and break your past records and build the confidence in your emotional and physical abilities.


  • Enhances heart life – It also increases your heart health. It is considered to be one of the most intense exercises for the heart. It lowers your blood pressure. Involvement of so many muscles makes your heart pump fast. Which in turn dashes enough oxygen for your heart to pump faster and improve your blood circulation. It reduces chances of heart disease.


  • Stress buster – You feel a different sensation altogether, when you eat right and regularly do your exercises. Also, a sprint produces endorphin’s in your brain which are the natural pain-killers giving you a feel-good factor about yourself. It stimulates confidence in your body.


  • Muscle building and Fat loss– It is also the best conditioning exercise that can create substantial amount of fat loss as compared to aerobic exercises where you lose body mass. But, if you want to become healthy and want to shred fat with minimal loss of water then you should consider sprint training as your workout twice a week.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to wear the right shoes. Bolt it up!


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