My “Top 3” Motivational Songs

In this blog post I will share with you the Top 3 songs I listen to whenever I need to move from coach potato to badass-get-things-done-girl.

This week, Surin – author of the Fitlete Blog and guest blogger here on The Wellbeing Blogger – posted on his Instagram profile a list of songs that puts him in the “driving seat” (I’m using his words here!). Inspired by his post, I decided to share here my Top 3 Motivational songs. But first check out Surin’s original selection:



I must say that I also listen to songs number 1, 3, and 5 when I need to get blood pumping in my veins. Actually I love them! And music in general has this amazing effect – the power to change and influence our mood. It can make us feel up in the sky or under the grass. I use music a lot when I want to feel happier, concentrate more, or go from coach potato to Super Son Goku (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this on YouTube – and to clarify: no, I wasn’t and I’m not a DragonBall fan… but my brother still is!).

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The songs I’m going to share with you in this post are songs that shake my entire core and pull my soul from inside-out. These are songs that stimulate and transform negative emotions (e.g. anger, frustration) into something greater. Here is my selection:


I’m a rock-chick after all! Actually I can’t wait to go back to Portugal and enjoy some rock concerts with my brother – I’m going to put this on my bucket list of “Things to do when I move back to Lisboa”. What can I say about this song? I love it. It makes me want to shake tables and start speeding in the middle of the street. Plus, I have a crush on Dave Grohl.


Yahoooo!! Do I need to say something about this song?! I absolutely love it! A guy once sent me this song as a hidden message – at that time I was all over the place because he had “nailed” my song, but now I’m glad I can’t remember who was he, because this way I can still enjoy one of my favourite songs free from sad associations! *laughs*


And last but not least: a song from QUEEN, one of my dad’s favourite bands. We used to HATE so much when he played QUEEN in the car when we were kids. Later it became a reference for us music-wise and today I still listen to this song whenever I need to have that extra boost in stamina.


Now it’s your time to share: let us know what are your favourite motivational songs! My playlist needs an update – as you can see right now is a bit rock-biased! 🙂


Stop denying yOurself 2


  1. Funnily enough we’ve just posed this question to our community at Talking FreELY. I was looking for a piece to play in the background of a slide presentation about Mental Health. The Foo fighters gets my vote in this context but really anything by Queen is awesome. Show must go on, I want to break free all great. I also like “Who I’m meant to be” and “From now on” Greatest Showman 🙂

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