My “Top 3” Motivational Songs

In this blog post I will share with you the Top 3 songs I listen to whenever I need to move from coach potato to badass-get-things-done-girl.

This week, Surin – author of the Fitlete Blog and guest blogger here on The Wellbeing Blogger – posted on his Instagram profile a list of songs that puts him in the “driving seat” (I’m using his words here!). Inspired by his post, I decided to share here my Top 3 Motivational songs. But first check out Surin’s original selection:


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Music has an unrivaled power. It moves us to action, inspires us to do better, motivates us to push through challenges, and comforts us when things are sulky. Music which moves my soul and put me on the driving seat are: 1. Hans Zimmer – It's really difficult to decide which one is the best. Instrumental track touches my soul. Many of his tracks are very moving, but "Lost but Won" tops the chart. 2. Not Afraid (Eminem) – This song is all about standing up for yourself, because in this crazy, freakish life – you have one shot, one opportunity to not miss your chance to blow. 3. Survivor – COME ON. One of the most energizing, motivational song known to humankind. 4. Hall of Fame- The song which make you feel like you're a winner. The song which reminds you of your worth and what you can accomplish. 5. Can't Hold Us – Above songs are inspirational, but this one combines the inspirational message with a ridiculously energizing melody.

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I must say that I also listen to songs number 1, 3, and 5 when I need to get blood pumping in my veins. Actually I love them! And music in general has this amazing effect – the power to change and influence our mood. It can make us feel up in the sky or under the grass. I use music a lot when I want to feel happier, concentrate more, or go from coach potato to Super Son Goku (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this on YouTube – and to clarify: no, I wasn’t and I’m not a DragonBall fan… but my brother still is!).

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The songs I’m going to share with you in this post are songs that shake my entire core and pull my soul from inside-out. These are songs that stimulate and transform negative emotions (e.g. anger, frustration) into something greater. Here is my selection:


I’m a rock-chick after all! Actually I can’t wait to go back to Portugal and enjoy some rock concerts with my brother – I’m going to put this on my bucket list of “Things to do when I move back to Lisboa”. What can I say about this song? I love it. It makes me want to shake tables and start speeding in the middle of the street. Plus, I have a crush on Dave Grohl.


Yahoooo!! Do I need to say something about this song?! I absolutely love it! A guy once sent me this song as a hidden message – at that time I was all over the place because he had “nailed” my song, but now I’m glad I can’t remember who was he, because this way I can still enjoy one of my favourite songs free from sad associations! *laughs*


And last but not least: a song from QUEEN, one of my dad’s favourite bands. We used to HATE so much when he played QUEEN in the car when we were kids. Later it became a reference for us music-wise and today I still listen to this song whenever I need to have that extra boost in stamina.


Now it’s your time to share: let us know what are your favourite motivational songs! My playlist needs an update – as you can see right now is a bit rock-biased! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “My “Top 3” Motivational Songs

  1. Funnily enough we’ve just posed this question to our community at Talking FreELY. I was looking for a piece to play in the background of a slide presentation about Mental Health. The Foo fighters gets my vote in this context but really anything by Queen is awesome. Show must go on, I want to break free all great. I also like “Who I’m meant to be” and “From now on” Greatest Showman 🙂

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