5 Ingredients of True Loving Relationships

In this blog post I will share with you the 5 ingredients that I believe to be fundamental in any true loving relationship.

Nowadays it isn’t very hard to have a “relationship” with someone. I mean, most people are afraid to be by themselves, so they easily accept and settle for a relationship that is not even half of what they deserve.

I don’t see these relationships as “authentic” or “conscious”, but whenever I look around and I observe my friends I can affirm that “tinder” relationships are a real thing. I see how they accept whatever deal in order to avoid solitude and feel that they have someone else besides themselves.

For other people however such notion of relationship is not enough and that’s why I am bringing you today what I believe to be the essential ingredients of a relationship that is actually based on true love. So here are the ingredients:

Ingredient #1

You want to be with someone who understands your struggles, because if you are in a relationship with someone chances are that you will be spending most of your time with that person. If that person doesn’t connect with you at a deeper level in which he or she understands and pays attention to your problems and difficulties, then you will have a hard time and feel like that you are “together” but alone at the same time.

Ingredient #2

You want to be with someone who validates your pain, who doesn’t cross over or minimises your distressful feelings. At the same time, you don’t want to be with someone who pities you and keeps you in a powerless position. You need someone who holds the space for your feelings, who validates your emotions, and then supports you through a process of discovering the best ways to help you cope.

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Ingredient #3

There is nothing more precious than a partner who treasures your dreams as much as you do. True loving relationships are those in which both partners support each other’s dreams because both recognise that individual happiness is as much important as the couple’s happiness.

Ingredient #4

Openness to share and express emotions is fundamental and a key aspect of a true loving relationship. Emotions are recognised as important indicators of the relationship sustainability and both partners are invested in creating moments of passion.

Ingredient #5

Sex or love-making is a healthy aspect of any good relationship, so you want to be with someone who makes you feel comfortable at a sexual level. This means that you are not afraid of sharing your own sexual fantasies or even problems around sexuality because your partner will have the sensitivity to help you find the best solution so both can have a pleasant and fulfilling sexual experience with each other.

What do you think of these 5 ingredients? Would add more or remove any from the list? What is a true loving relationship made of in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can all learn from each other 😊


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