365 Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle (Book Review)

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Do you struggle to find happiness in your day-to-day life? Do you think happiness is something out of reach right now? What if I told you that you can now work your way to happiness, one day at a time? That’s exactly what Jacqueline has to offer you in her high-vibrational book “365 Days of Happiness”.

Jacqueline Pirtle is an incredible energy healer and happiness coach. She has led workshops and many other life-changing events. She integrates aspects such as energy healing, law of attraction, and other holistic approaches to wellness and health. If there’s something Jacqueline knows very well is the importance of becoming aware of our own energy and use it to create and live the best version of ourselves.

Jacqueline does not, however, dismisses the importance of walking the talk as well. In 2017, Jacqueline decided to commit herself to work towards her own happiness and she did so by writing and exploring everyday what makes her happy! The result is an inspirational book which will make you rethink what happiness really means to you as well as support you in the discovery and exploration of different ways through which you can boost your own happiness!

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Each entry of “365 Days of Happiness” was an invitation for me to slow down, to have my hygge moment, and remember myself that happiness can be found literally anywhere I put my attention and awareness on. I often also felt that Jacqueline was just sitting right there, having a cup of tea with me while sharing her inspiring and whimsical reflections on happiness. Each day, there was a new whole conversation to open the doors of my mind and heart!

I want to share with your a passage from Jacqueline’s book that spoke deeply to me:

If you have psychical pain, acknowledge it. Accept, respect, appreciate, thank, and love your pain for the communication it brings. Then find something in your body that represents happiness, and mindfully focus on that. Take, for instance your smile. Mindfully focus on your smile! This will create happy energy in you which you will fill every cell of your body with, initiating health and healing. Practise happy mindfulness at all times! That IS happiness! (Day 250, p. 254)

And happiness is indeed moving our mind and energy to the good that already exists – in ourselves and in the world. Happiness is like a free-flowing intelligence that expands your inner vision and heart space, connecting us to what really matters in life. Hence, if you are looking for a heart-warming and light read on happiness, Jacqueline’s book is one of my book recommendations to you. In it, you will find many thoughts and practical suggestions to find your own way to happiness… and live a more joyful life!

Interested in getting this book? You can find it here.

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  1. “Jacqueline decided to commit herself to work towards her own happiness and she did so by writing and exploring everyday what makes her happy!” sounds fantastic! Paying attention clearly pays dividends.

    I do wonder though about the pursuit of “happiness” and wonder if Dr. Jordan Peterson is right when he says finding fulfillment is more important than seeking happiness. The former allows the latter, and much more.

    Looking forward to any other insights you may share about this and other such works in the future. 😎

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  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. It looks like an incredible book. I agree with Jacqueline’s words that acknowledgment is the way to go. As a woman, I can see that we always care for others in our life but mostly forget ourselves. Such a great reminder! Your review is great as well. The way you broke the whole book down with just a small post is amazing. Keep up the good work, stay blessed and stay connected! Oh Hey you should join my FB group if you are on FB. So you can share this with some of really nice other bloggers. The link is on my blog’s about page.

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    1. Hi Bushra, thank you for your kind words. Yes, acknowledging anything and anyone is the first step to let go of any pressure about “feeling good” and cleansing out any resistance to “what is happening”. The next few steps I am a big believer in are to accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love what is happening for me… everything always happens FOR me, never TO me 🙂

      Have the happiest day ever 🙂

      Jacqueline Pirtle, Autor of 365 Days of Happiness 🙂

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