10-Day Wellbeing Challenge

We all know what to do in order to live the best version of our life. The problem is that we are human beings and sometimes we get lost due to the overwhelming load of information that surrounds us.

This is why the self-help industry will forever be resourceful – it offers us a structure or multiple step-by-step methods to help us make sense of helpful information, especially if we are not ready yet to invest in more effective ways to work towards our goals and dreams such as hiring a coach or any other help-professional.

I know it takes a lot of courage to work with someone else. I have been there too. That’s why I keep writing and I keep creating content I believe it can help people who are not yet ready to work with someone besides themselves, or who simply don’t wish to do so. The last piece of content I created with this purpose in mind is a user-friendly workbook called ’10 Ways to Boost Your Wellbeing’. This resource is available to you for free and at any time, you just have to click here and follow the link in there. In it, you will find 10 wellbeing boosters and 10 practical exercises.

I thought, however, that the workbook is not enough. At least, I know it is not enough for me. That’s why I will also be doing a 10-day wellbeing challenge on Instagram, where I will not only post a wellbeing booster per day, but I will also walk the path with you as a coach and as a person. Time permitting, I will also share here my experience for those of you who don’t have an instagram account but would still like to join the challenge.

We are starting tomorrow!

Copy of the wellbeing blogger


  1. Vanessa, that is such a great idea and very kind of you. I am not that active on insta but definitely would be following you there. I agree with you that we all are busy and find it hard to work with someone for our wellbeing while this is the most important thing should be for us. You are doing so great job, keep up the good work my friend!

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      1. You deserve it all and you are doing so well. Blogging is hard. With my three kids, my husband is complaining that I need to slow down with blogging….lol So I might reconsider posting twice a week or once a week. Hahhah those darn husbands.

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      2. You’re in an even harder situation (managing a family, a blog, yourself & helping others!) – I would say you do extraordinary! I’ve been thinking about a blog post with some tips about blogging and work-life balance, I feel it’s something we definitely have in common! Sometimes husbands can be picky, other times they point out to us some things we can’t see because we are so passionate about what we do hehe in my case, people often complain about the mobile notifications from wordpress, because I receive them there… luckily people start to see it more as a job than an “addiction” πŸ˜€

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      3. Yes, that would be such a wonderful post and would help a lot of people. My husband thinks blogging is too time consuming. I am trying to spend less time but I can’t kill the blog either and then I have t keep up with my readers. Gosh, those men. I am lucky when I am at work.I keep my wordpress on and in between appointments with my patients. I check and comment back and check other people’s blogs to appreciate them. You know networking is very important as well. Don’t worry about people. Some of them have nothing in life but complaining about everything.

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      4. Haha thooose men! But he is right, it is time consuming. These last few days I haven’t been able to keep it up on wordpress, especially because I like to also visit other people’s blogs (like yours hahaha) and get back to every one, as you say it’s very important and for me has been eye-opening: I learn much more and also enjoy much more when interacting with other like minded blog buddies. We will find a way to manage it! And yeeeesss, please, don’t kill the blog, because I (WE) love it!! πŸ˜€

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  2. I downloaded the workbook! It’s been hard for me to prioritize my wellbeing lately, so it’s very helpful. Tip #10 reminds me of how I used to create vision boards on Pinterest. I’ve been thinking about creating more visions boards for my new goals. And tip #6 reminds me about how writing helps me express my emotions, and when I don’t write I feel a bit off, so I’m also making it a goal to prioritize writing time πŸ™‚

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