Expat Life: The Return To Lisbon

I guess I haven’t shared much about my life as an expat in the UK. Well, some ugly details have certainly slipped away, but I know I haven’t dug too deep on that. There is a whole interesting cycle that I’m sure someday I will be delighted to describe here. For now, I just want to share how excited I am about my return to Lisbon. 

An old picture from Lisbon. I took it a good few years back.

Well, to be honest, I’m actually conflicted. All I did so far was to book the flights. I still have to find a company to dispatch my suitcases and book my connection to the airport. Why am I procrastinating? Am I afraid of what I’m going to find over there? I think I’m mostly afraid of the unknown and the urgency of having to change my life for good this time. Last time I visited downtown was before I moved to the UK and the feeling was that me and Lisbon were done. Now, there is this weird feeling that I need to return and that an adventure awaits me – yet I can’t fully grasp its contours. Breathe in Vanessa, just breathe! 

Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon

On another hand, I have this deep urge to visit the centre of Lisbon and savour its beautiful colours. I want to feel the sunshine on my skin while I breathe in the whole city from one of our best miradouros (viewpoint). I want to open my arms wide and embrace what our navigators once must have felt every time they left the country to satisfy their soul’s curiosity about the world. They probably knew about this desire to go and the saudade (Portuguese word to describe the feeling of missing someone/something) that weighs your heart down.

My favourite thing about Lisbon, the old yellow trams.

Here is my list of things I want to do in city centre:

I am sure I have many more things to add to this list. I will be sharing them with you. If you are on instagram, you can also follow my daily shares over there. Follow me there, say ‘hi’ and let me know about your blog so I can visit you. 


  1. OMG, those pictures are amazing and I am ready to go visit with you to Lisbon. You need to write more about that. It’s just amazing. I like your list. I just can’t speak that language. I would love to go see that beautiful city. A wonderful post as usual.

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  2. There’s something special about going home, though I’m not an ex-pat so can’t imagine what that must be like. I visited Lisbon several years ago, but it was one of those drunken, hazy ‘just finished college’ trips with a group of friends, so I’d love to return and see the city sober! The colours there, as you mentioned, are magnificent, as well as the views. Excited to hear about your trip.

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    1. Haha, I hope you make it and that you get good weather because that definitely makes the colours pop and the city prettier. When it’s grey, it’s a bit ‘meh’, hehe. Going home is one of the best feelings – better than that must be finding home within ourselves, which is a bit trickier… Thanks for commenting 😊♥️

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      1. Yes, even the loveliest place can be a bit ‘meh’ when it’s grey! Finding home within ourselves would be the biggest comfort of all ❤

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