Would You Like To Be Famous? | Questions to Fall in Love | Q2

I recently started a new series at The Wellbeing Blogger, in which I will answer and reflect upon 36 different questions. These questions were used in a Psychology study to promote closeness between strangers and, since I’m often a stranger to myself, I decided it would be a good idea to follow Stephan’s steps and surprise myself with what comes out of my fingertips.

The second question on the set to fall in love is the following:

Would You Like To Be Famous? In What Way?

I wouldn’t like to be famous, because as much as I like people I need freedom to do whatever I feel like, and I really don’t like being bombarded by people all the time. I love human beings but multiple interactions and crowds drain me a lot. I like deserted beaches, empty roads, and plenty of space in public transports. *laughs*

And what would happen if I was famous and then had one of those post-post-modern girl moments? I can’t picture myself having a Bridget Jones’ crisis and not being able to enjoy my Large Big Mac followed by a M&M’s McFlurry without a judging Tweet or nasty snap. Well, I guess I could go around that with a pair of sunglasses and a takeaway option, but still… sometimes I can’t wait too long to have my awful french fries drowned in ketchup! 

Anyway, I suppose there are a couple of things I would like to do that would require me to be a little bit famous – I guess no one can have a bestselling book or set fire to the rain and go unnoticed, right? Adele didn’t, at least! What about you, would you like to be famous?

If you want to know more about these Questions to Fall in Love or read my answer to Question #1, then head to this blog post:

PS: I had my 15 minutes of fame a few years back… trice! It didn’t excite me much.


  1. I wouldn’t go ‘looking for fame’, Vanessa. However, I have been advised (by The C.C.) that I will, over time, become more and more well known. They have also advised not to go looking for fame, and I can well understand why! Your few examples above are great indicators of the perils attached to a life in the public eye.
    I too like my personal space, though, I also love social interactions with those I enjoy. ‘Dancing’ has placed me with those in society who enjoy activity and are, in my mind, those who are really enjoying life. It really is a joy to be with them!

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    1. I can see that coming, dear Carolyn, and I think it will happen in a healthy way – because more and more people will find you and resonate with what you have to share through your gifts. That’s how I found you and I’m so happy about it! I have to agree with you too on the link between being active and enjoying life. If we don’t move, energy gets stuck. If energy gets stuck, we become heavy. And if we feel heavy… we feel like we can’t reach the lightness that happiness gives us… I mentioned your idea of ageing backwards on instagram today and how we may fit in the social constructed meaning of ‘old’ while still chronologically ‘young’. I just started moving again… slowly, but I believe I will get my lightness back. Thank you for guiding the way 😘 🥰

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