Your Heart Knows Who You Are Looking For

I was almost coughing my lungs out when he said he loved me, right in the middle of his kitchen, a few days before my flight. That’s something that probably doesn’t happen often after a certain age, I would say, but it was something I knew he would end up doing.

From the very beginning I told him that we could never be more than friends. He said he knew that, and that he understood my current situation: lost, ill, and burned out. However, he decided to go for it anyway, and I couldn’t tell him to control his feelings, because when you control your feelings, then you stop living as a functional human being.

I know one day there will be a very happy woman on earth because of him. I honestly feel a bit “meh” that I’m not her, but I can’t force my heart to feel something it doesn’t. At some point, I thought there was something wrong with me – maybe my mind was tricking me, maybe I was running away from love. Was I letting my idealist way win? Should I stop looking for that perfect imperfect person? Should I accept I will never feel contentment in a relationship and thus just settle down with any good, loving man?

Exactly, the carousel of thoughts began spinning. I had many doubts regarding whether I would be able to be in a relationship again, so I could well be running away in order not to deal with it. On another hand, I never felt the “click” I know I need to feel; he would make me feel good, like a goddess, but my heart kept saying he was not the one. 

This situation was familiar. It was not the first nor the second time it was happening and I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed with those men who said to love me but whom I didn’t love back. And why didn’t I love them back? Again, my idealist soul plays its part: although they treated me like a princess, they never addressed or embraced the other two sides of me – the warrior and the child.

On top of that, they were men seeking for a more traditional relationship. The kind of relationship in which a man is always the strongest and the woman the eternal princess of their kingdom. Those women are delicate, they are roses without thorns. Their perfume is light and their petals are perfect. I’m a wild rose, I’m a warrior princess. And princesses who happen to be warriors and childish at the same time crave adventures. They need to feel free to go into the wild and practise with their bow and arrow. They can’t be sitting and waiting for their warrior to come home every-single-day. Sometimes they want to have someone waiting for them instead.

I know this might sound crazy. Maybe you will even say that love can eventually grow over time from my part. I agree with that. Love can certainly grow… but there’s a difference between a love that grows from comfort and a love that grows from wonder. The love that is built on comfort will only satisfy your most superficial needs. It was nice to play house with G., but I wouldn’t be happy, because I’m a wonderer and the love that emerges from wonder is a love that will make your eyes sparkle and your heart jump, even after decades complaining about different ways of folding socks, shirts, or undone dishes. 

As dear Jason from Metaphysical Reflections commented here on the blog the other day, I too crave the bliss of romance, and not any kind of romance. I crave the same kind of romance that Florbela, a Portuguese poet from the 20th century, also craved. A romance in which being “too much” is seen as an asset and not an invitation to a mental asylum. 

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    1. Thank you Megan! ๐Ÿ˜ That’s really sweet of you. Thanks for stopping by – I’m now wandering around your blog and I absolutely love the concept, fellow warrior princess ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜˜

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  1. Yes yes yes!! This is so true!

    I am sad to say that I have an awful habit of staying with men for far too long who do not understand or even try to understand the different elements of my character and personality. It seems to take me longer than the norm to recognise when a relationship isn’t meant to be.

    I love how you describe yourself as a warrior princess. This is how I see myself too. I hate for a man to expect me to come home, cook their dinner and to do their washing. I have a massive independent streak that I do not wish to lose, but I do love the home life too.

    Sadly, even the relationship I am in now, I know he is not ‘the one’. I suspect I have met ‘the one’ but it’s not quite our time yet. I just hope I don’t leave it too late to find out.

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    1. Yessss… I sadly know what you are talking about too… it would have to be a whole new post only on that! I have been reducing the amount of time I let this happen but it’s hard to notice, acknowledge and then learn with our raw intuition. It’s nice to know you have this same perspective, sometimes I feel like an alien among other girls! I had had the feeling that you were having something going on in that department – assess the situation as best as you can and try to know sooner than later. There is nothing worse than having questions like that in our mind… I used to paralyse my entire life because of guys…

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  2. Vanessa, this is a great article and the central theme is something we should teach all of our daughters. Being very selective about who you decide to spend the rest of your life with is of the utmost importance because that is the relationship you may base a future family upon and it is the person with whom you will grow old.

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  3. Hey girl, How is going? Are things back to normal. What a wonderful and true story to say. I am like you hence I picked my husband out of many handsome guys. I didn’t care about the superficial beauty and ended up with my wonderful hubby. I believe one day you will end up with someone out of wonder. I am coming back to blogging slowly again. Stay blessed and stay connected.

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    1. Hey beautiful soul ๐Ÿค— I have been missing your posts! I was planning on sending you a message this weekend to check if everything has been good with you. I haven’t been on Facebook so I might have missed something important there ๐Ÿ™ I’m super happy that you too found the right one! ๐Ÿคฉ It’s one of the most beautiful feelings, to share our life with the best partner in ‘crime’. Sending you much love ๐Ÿฅฐ


      1. That’s so true. My mother was really sick so I was busy with her. Will start writing soon. I was thinking about you and your new adventure. I really liked your updated site. Looks much more professional. Hope you have a great holiday!!

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      2. I’m so sorry about your mother ๐Ÿ˜ž I hope she is better now? I look forward to your updates for sure. I wish you a happy, happy holiday, with much love, joy and good health! ๐ŸŒฟ

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  4. I do agree with you. I have experienced the same before and I rejected the man who can probably gives me more of a life I want but yes we cannot force our heart to LOVE.


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