Rehearse, or Not Rehearse | Questions to Fall in Love | Q3

I recently started a new series here at called “Questions to Fall in Love”. This series was inspired on the blog Stories of a Colorful Life and on an experimental Psychology study in which strangers were asked to answer a set of 36 questions. You can know more about this study here. I have been sharing these questions on my instagram as well, so if you do have an account, make sure you visit me there too (@thewellbeingblogger).

This post is based on the third question of the set which is the following:

Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?

In general I don’t rehearse anything because I’m pretty bad at following scripts. I don’t have a great memory to remember every single detail, and I personally prefer to go with the flow.

I only think about what I need to say when the call is with a client. I always prepare beforehand what I need to check with my client and I also visualise what we need to get out of the upcoming session. Other than that, I never do any kind of rehearse. I can’t say the same about text messages or e-mails: I review and edit them a hundred times if I know I have to convey a very specific message or I’m texting a crush (Hey, I bet you do the same!).

You can head to questions #1 and #2 through the following shortcuts:


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