Walking for Gender Equality One Step At a Time & How You Can Help Too

When you start walking around, you find incredible things on the way. This is an old fountain dedicated to one of the most popular saints among the Portuguese: Saint Anthony of Padua.

I recently recommitted to Charity Miles, an app that tracks the distance you make – either by walking or running – and then transforms it into donations to a cause of your own choice. The app is totally free and the way we contribute is by keeping ourselves active and on the track.

I think this is a great way to promote people’s wellbeing and contribute for social causes at the same time! I’m currently walking regularly to support She’s the First, a NGO promoting gender equality through education.

Did you know that women make 70% of the world’s poor population? And that they are more likely to be out of education and work?

Data retrieved from http://www.walktoabetterworld.com

The crushing statistics give me more reasons to be on the move every day. Plus, research has showed that women who are economically sustainable are also more likely to invest their money towards other people’s heath, wellbeing, and education. Hence, walking to support this NGO and their work is a step to provide women more chances of a better future. 

Charity Miles challenges you to take a representative picture every time you walk. I use this function to find new angles and record positive moments of my journey.

The other day I almost did 18Km and I’m now eager to break that milestone. I have improved my overall fitness level, which was at my lowest. I feel much better physically and mentally, because walking reduces inflammation and therefore you end up feeling more relaxed and more at ease. Walking more was actually one of my recommendations throughout the 10-Day Wellbeing Challenge.

You can also bring your kids to walk with you and teach them about the importance of social values and how helping others thrive makes the world a better place in the long-run.

You can, however, help me staying on track and contribute even more towards this NGO’s mission by joining the team “Wellbeing Bloggers”. Here’s how you can help and proceed. All you have to do is to download the app to your smartphone and easily create an account either using your Facebook details or entering your e-mail. Below you can see a short clip that will show you how to proceed when using an iPhone. Once you have installed the app on your phone and you create your own account, you can then navigate through four different tabs.

A short clip to show you how to find, download and create a Charity Miles account.

The first tab shows you the main window. This is where you will be able to start tracking miles. I always use the first option – outdoor walk – but you can track your miles too when running or biking. If you click on the second tab, you will find some interesting offers from companies that help supporting the app. The third tab is where you will find different teams you can join in. I created one team called “Wellbeing Bloggers” to promote health and wellbeing among bloggers while support the NGO “She’s the First”. If you join this team, you and I will be gathering more miles together and increase the donations towards the promotion of gender equality. If you watch the clip above, you will see how you can easily join the team and start contributing. The fourth and final tab is where you will see your logged journeys and pictures. While in the third tab you can see the team’s members progress, in the fourth tab you can keep a closer track of your own progress and miles. 

So, did I convince you to join in? I hope so, because I would love to see you enjoying the benefits of walking and the joy of contributing to a good cause! In case you want to join in and you find any trouble with doing so, let me know in the comments below or send me a direct message either through the blog’s contact section or my instagram account (@thewellbeingblogger).


  1. This is very motivating and informative! I added the app to my phone and hopefully will be able to soon. It’s really cold out right now, so I will begin as soon as I can! The statistics you shared are sad and I hope things will begin to shift in society soon.

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      1. Me too! I plan on walking once spring hits anyways so it would be even better to do it for a good cause! Walking is one of my favorite ways to exercise.

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  2. Vanessa, that is so encouraging and amazing effort towards women’s education. I am gong to sign up as well. I love the new layout of your site. I really need to start walking as you said, “it reduce inflammation and boost up your strength”. I look perfectly fit but I know that I am nowhere near to being fit. Thank you so much for such inspirations. Life is going to be great for you as you have the positive attitude to win every nasty situation. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Hi beautiful, sorry for late reply. I missed this comment of yours. I hope you have been walking more often as it really is a good starting point for getting more active and healthy. Can’t recommend it enough πŸ˜‰ Thank you for your kind feedback on my new layout too, I really appreciate it! 😘


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