How To Find Your Life Purpose

People always hold something within themselves that they wish it could come true. In youth, we usually know what that looks like. Everything seems clearer in that regard and everything seems possible. We dream a lot, we travel within our limitless imagination and we are not afraid of doing so.

Throughout our development though, many of us stop dreaming and believing that it is worthwhile to pursuit those same dreams, hopes, and expectations, especially when obstacles and setbacks start to show up. Those setbacks are, however, challenges to our own will and grit, because the pursuit of our dreams is what feeds our sense of fulfilment in life and that’s eventually our ultimate goal as human beings – to live a meaningful life because we do have a purpose that shapes and colours that meaning.

Challenges can be easy or extremely hard, but if they come up it is because we need that test. It is because it is part of our life’s curriculum. We own to ourselves not to give up on it. And if that’s not enough to convince us, then we can and we must think of how pursuing our happiness, our dreams, also has the power to free others to do the same. We need to be careful though. While others can be our inspiration to follow the path we once dreamt or envisioned, they can also try to convince us not to do so. That doesn’t happen solely because they don’t want us to succeed. It often happens because just like you they are also afraid to try and fail. They don’t want you to fail, and they don’t want to be remembered that they aren’t trying to live their dreams either.

To give up on something that makes our eyes sparkle is pricey though. To let ourselves freeze because we are not sure whether we are ready or whether the outcome will be the best one for us and our loved ones is to remain fenced forever in a world plagued by the torturous thought “What if?”. Then we don’t live our dreams because we were once too scared of living with its consequences, and we also can’t live life fully because we will keep carrying that “what if” question in our heart until the day we die.

I believe it is not hard to discover what’s our life purpose. I rather believe we just don’t really want to uncover more pressing feelings and thoughts or activate something within us that we know it is going to change us forever. As long as we keep saying “I don’t know what my life purpose is”, we don’t really have to go deeper and face the greater challenge of 1) finding it and 2) following our heart and live facing the sun. In other words, as long as we keep suppressing anything that makes us confront our Shadow Self, we think we are safer. We think we are adulting. And we think we are within the standard way of living.

Most of us do this unconsciously. We do believe we don’t really know what our purpose is. The older we get, the blurrier our memory gets and the less we feel connected to our heart. Our heart never gives up on us, but it surely experiences some helplessness because at some point in our life we decided it wasn’t wise to listen to it. Even if one day we get everything we once thought we needed to fulfil a dream, we probably won’t, because we repeatedly refused to connect with our heart’s voice and we no longer know how to repair that connection. It’s all written in our heart and it might be just time to unlock it.

Are You Ready To Do It?

If you feel like it’s time to unlock your heart and find your purpose, I’m here to support and create a safe space where you can redesign your life path. Send me a message through my Contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


12 thoughts on “How To Find Your Life Purpose

  1. I LOVE this! It is very motivating and inspiring! I agree and resonate with the part where you said that as long as we keep saying we don’t know our purpose, we can avoid the deeper soul searching. I know that’s true from experience. It takes a lot of time to shed the layer, but it’s worth all the hard work and years!

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  2. I don’t know how you come up with all that? So well said, so true. Your first paragraph just nailed it all. The video is so amazing and matches with your article. I feel in these days like life is just, working, paying the mortgage and so on. Yesterday, my husband, kids, and my mom went to have some fun and I stayed home because I was painting my closet to organize it and after watching this video, I felt like I would have not done that instead would have gone with them. Vanessa, I am so glad that I found your blog online and connected with you. Please, keep up the good work. You are simply amazing. You are helping many people on earth girlfriend.

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  3. Vanessa, I am loving the motivation here 🙂 I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago. If I was on my deathbed, what would be the most important thing regarding this world that I would care about. For me, it was my family. There are things I want to instill in my children and love I want to give to my husband, children and my extended family. Everything else is so temporal and doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It is a good reality check when you get bogged down by passing trials and inconsequential distractions in life.

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    1. Thank you Sarah 😍 That’s really a good reminder to us all – we need to focus more on what makes our life meaningful rather than spending energy and time with the ‘smaller’ troubles of everyday life… thank you for sharing ♥️


  4. Thanks for the motivation! I’ve been searching for my “purpose” since I graduated college in 2017 and I think I’m getting on the path to figuring it out!


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