Action in Spite of Negative Emotions

  • a short video on how to keep moving forward in spite of negative emotions

We often become slaves of our strongest emotions. Be it extremely positive or negative, emotions have the potential side effect of throwing us off the wagon and make us ditch even the best action plan we ever designed for ourselves – who never skipped a week’s workout to be with ‘bae’, right? In this blog post I will, nonetheless, focus on the power of negative emotions and how to manage their effect on our behaviour.

Emotions are one of the most precious human gifts. Many of us surely already thought of how great would it be to go through life without feeling a thing, but emotions are part of our human programming for good reasons. They function as barometers and thus alert us for when there is something we need to temper in our life. If you are sad, then sadness is a red flag which is inviting you to stop and reflect about how much balance there is in your life.

The hardest part is, however, to first become aware of these negative emotions and notice their effect on our behaviour. If we are running on automatic pilot, it might take us a while to realise that we are functioning as hostages of our emotional state and that we are compromising our action plan. The ability to become more aware of our emotions and their connection with our behaviour can be strengthened by engaging ourselves in contemplative practises such as meditation, journalling, and yoga.

After noticing what is going on, we then need to know how to manage the impact of our emotional state. As a species, human beings tend to indulge in negative emotions quite easily so the default reaction is to continuously move downwards in the emotional spiral (you will find a diagram of an emotional spiral in the video) and that is also why it is so difficult sometimes to move us back to a more balanced emotional state.

The approach I offer my clients and that I make myself follow is to be aware of these negative emotions, sit and embrace them as they are without wanting to actively make them disappear. If we try to suppress or get rid of negative emotions, what usually happens is that they will be triggered once again later in our life and the experienced emotional pain will be much more intense, much more difficult to deal with and therefore heal. The second step after becoming aware of our emotional state, and how it affects our action plan, is hence to embrace and accept whatever we are feeling, no matter how uncomfortable that might be.

The third step is to run a parallel program in our mind. This means we will feel and sit down with our negative emotions but we will also move our attention to something we know to be a “positive emotion” generator. For me this has been about placing my focus on my fitness journey and goals. For other people, this might be engaging in a volunteering project or a creative activity. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, what matters is that you will be experiencing positive emotions. Those positive emotions will start to build up and slowly polish the negative emotions that took you out of your path in the first place.


  1. This is such a good read Vanessa!!ā¤ I’ve also been able to focus on how I feel in a moment of negativity and be able to change my state. Definitely a learning process, but so important for everyone to become aware of it!

    Also, I saw you chasing after your fitness goals — Great job and keep it up! šŸ˜ŠšŸ’Ŗ

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  2. I have such a problem with pushing and suppressing negative emotions away when they occur because the worst feeling is sadness. Iā€™d rather be angry than sad; I feel like I can process that more than sadness. But I agree, pushing them away only makes them crop up in other places at other times, which is really awful. I have to learn to be better! (You look lovely & happy, by the way šŸ˜‰. Best of luck on your fitness journey!)

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    1. Uh, sadness. Couldn’t agree more with you… sadness feels like an ever ending void inside and anger feels more like a pull from inside out šŸ˜ As long as we keep mindful of when we are suppressing anything, we will find a way to cope better šŸ˜‰ Sadness makes me eat less, it fits well with my fitness journey at least! Thank you! šŸ˜

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  3. Great post!! This was what I needed right now. It can be easy to get swallowed up in negative emotions instead of hearing them and making necessary adjustments. Contemplative practices have always helped me as well! Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. Thank you lovely, that’s really nice feedback ā¤ I like how you put it – make the right adjustments. We need to embrace and accept negative emotions but also make adjustments, that’s so right! Thank you for reading! ā¤

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      1. You’re welcome beautiful! And thank you! It can be scary to lean into the negative emotions, but it really helps us to feel them for a moment and then move forward. I love this message a lot!

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