The 7 Pillars of Wellbeing

In literature, different definitions and wellbeing models have been proposed, tested, and talked about. In the small section dedicated to Positive Psychology here on the blog, I described one of those models – the PERMA model, which suggests that our wellbeing is a function of our positive emotions, engagement, relationships, sense of meaning, and accomplishments. I like this model, but I honestly prefer to use a more holistic and structured approach based on eastern psychology.

When considering and talking about wellbeing, I cannot just approach the psychological aspect of it. Our mind plays an important part in the maintenance of our wellbeing, but there are other equally important aspects – the body is, of course, the most obvious one. Eastern psychology describes, however, the existence of seven different layers or bodies. These layers are for me the seven pillars of wellbeing and I bring them altogether when approaching and intervening as a wellbeing coach and psychologist.

Over the next couple of pages, I will introduce you to each one of these layers or bodies. I would also like to add that I see each one of them as a stage or level of our consciousness continuum. This means that the first few layers can be more easily perceived and understood, while more extended levels do require more practise and awareness from our part in order to be acknowledged and worked.

Click on Page 2 to start reading about the different layers.


    1. This approach is not really considered by western psychology (unfortunately😞), but for me makes a lot of sense ♥️ and when I was reading your 2019’s healing goals it made even more sense 😄 I hope Psychology one day will listen more to the wisdom of the east 🙈🧘🏽‍♀️🌱

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      1. I wish that western medicine would shift into these approaches too!! The only way I am healing from so much stuff now is because my therapist is using holistic and energy healing approaches for me! No medication could work the same for me because they would be further covering the issues I’ve already been stifling.

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      2. I find that so cool and I’m so happy you found someone with that mindset! I believe in energy work ♥️ If you feel it’s working and you’re having progress that’s the most important thing 🙌🏻


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