The 7 Pillars of Wellbeing

The Physical Body

The Physical Body is the first layer of our human energetic field. As the name suggests, this layer relates to being physically active, through the practise of exercise, but also to being practical and connected with the material world. It is important to look after our physical body by nourishing it with the right food and by giving it the right amount of rest.

When working on a wellbeing plan, I always start working from this level up. It is also important that you practise and become aware of your body, its inner state and its boundaries. When you close your eyes, how does your body feel? Tired? Energetic?

The Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is the second layer and it is where we store how we feel about ourselves. This layer is linked to self-love and self-expression. Working at this level means that we check on how we have been feeling about our body (first layer) but also about who we are as an individual. Do we love ourselves? Are we truthful to our emotions? Do freely express our emotions or do we suppress them?

Working at this second level is very important to build a secure foundation for ourselves. It is through this layer that we can feel happy and content with our own company.

The Mental Body

The Mental Body is the third layer and it is all about the way we think. This level is very much worked in cognitive-behavioural therapy, for instances. The quality of our thinking pattern impacts how we feel and how we behave, so learning to notice the quality of our thoughts and ways to gradually transform them are two important skills to develop when working at this stage.

The Astral Body

The Astral Body is about love for ourselves and others. It is about giving but also receiving love. When we work at this layer, we work aspects related to family, friends, colleagues, animals, or even inanimate objects that are somehow special for us. This layer is often associated with conditional love, while the sixth layer (Celestial Body) is associated with unconditional love.

The Etheric Template

The Etheric Template relates to our personality, identity, and overall energy. When we work at this level, we try to look at the bigger picture, express our truth, and know how do we fit in the world.

The Celestial Body

The Celestial Body is about the extent to which you love not only those who are closer but also more distant from you. When we work at this level, we work at how we appreciate others and our relationship with them. This layer is about understanding and dealing with others in a non-judgmental way.

The Divine Template

The Divine Template represents our feeling of being one with the Universe. When we work at this layer, we work our connection with something that is “bigger” than us and that allows us to transcend as human beings.

8 thoughts on “The 7 Pillars of Wellbeing

    1. This approach is not really considered by western psychology (unfortunately😞), but for me makes a lot of sense ♥️ and when I was reading your 2019’s healing goals it made even more sense 😄 I hope Psychology one day will listen more to the wisdom of the east 🙈🧘🏽‍♀️🌱

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish that western medicine would shift into these approaches too!! The only way I am healing from so much stuff now is because my therapist is using holistic and energy healing approaches for me! No medication could work the same for me because they would be further covering the issues I’ve already been stifling.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I find that so cool and I’m so happy you found someone with that mindset! I believe in energy work ♥️ If you feel it’s working and you’re having progress that’s the most important thing 🙌🏻


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