How to Create Your Life Vision

Your Life Vision is the reason why you should be waking up everyday eager to build and work towards what matters most to you in life. My sincere take on depression and other “mental illnesses” is pretty much based on the idea that people need a “Why”, they need dreams to follow, a meaning and a sense of purpose in order to live mentally healthy. In a society where dreams are seen as foolish fantasies, and living your purpose as a total act of irresponsibility, no wonder that 400 to 500 million people throughout the world are currently diagnosed with some sort of mental health problem. So I thought today I should share with you my personal and professional notes on how to create a life vision for yourself.

First of all, you need to know that I have been on both sides. I was once a person full of dreams and a big believer that everything is possible as long as you work towards it. However, we don’t live completely isolated in this world and we are daily exposed to each others’ influence. At some point, I let my external reality win over my personal vision and I went from a self-made entrepreneur to a Psychology Researcher on the making. In other words, I put my “alternative lifestyle” plans aside to invest in a career as an academic, because that would lead to a more socially accepted and “adult” way of living. That choice is now costing my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing as you may know if you follow my blog and if you are also aware of the “Why” behind it.

How do we get to our Life Vision though? There are certainly many different ways you can find your own Life Vision. In this blog post I will tell you how I found mine and how I have been recovering it step by step. The way I found mine was through meditation and wakeful dreams between 2014 and 2015. The funny thing is that after moving abroad and everything that happened, I completely lost sight of my Life Vision. Why? I think that highly stressful life events and experiences drive us to a place in which all we want is to avoid more suffering and heartbreak. And let’s face it, having the courage to follow our Life Vision in spite of all the negative voices out there is pretty daunting.

What was my Life Vision about? My Life Vision contains a couple of different ingredients, some of them I have been pretty ashamed to share or even talk about, because I also lost touch with my raw female nature due to my more male-ish mindset and professional environment. For instances, I have been ashamed to share that one of my core wishes is to be a mom, something I only found out after my breakup and through my meditation practise back in 2015. Crazy, right? And it’s not being a mom for the sake of being a mom; it’s being a mom of three happy, healthy, and balanced kids, married to a wonderful sensitive dad who reads fantasy stories to all of us and who shares the same lifestyle, values, and contributes to a more conscious way of living and working culture.

I know you might be thinking “This Psychology Doctor is totally nuts”, but that’s exactly what I’m now running away from, after trying to live the standard way of living and almost lose my entire being by doing so. Now I think it’s more worthwhile to be perceived as a lunatic and recover my Life Vision than living a life that makes me extremely miserable. And remember: I tried to adult after those meditative visions and I never practised silent meditation again in order not to have them. I kept embracing my intuition and sight to help others, but I avoided to see anything for myself. I even forgot about the visions I had had and only started to remember them a year ago during my coaching certification – thank God I was trained and accompanied by two doctors who have no fear of telling and believing in energy and in more holistic approaches to human development.

I first recovered more superficial details such as marrying and living an “alternative lifestyle”. Six months later, I attended a group meditation circle with L. and there they were, three kids. From that point on, I realised how far I had put myself from my Life Vision, and that was probably one of the reasons why I developed fibromyalgia symptoms, back pain issues, and found myself professionally blocked and burned out while living abroad. It took me more than three years of hardship to learn to accept that life’s signs are real and that they work to guide us in the direction of the best version of ourselves, if only we pay attention to them. I was aware of them – one of my favourite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho -, but I guess I wanted to “adult”, didn’t I?

More recently, I have put everything that is part of my Life Vision into a mind map. From writing books to my three kids and open space, minimalist, dream house near the coastline, I wrote it all down (and I created a Vision Board on Pinterest that you can have a look at here). I don’t know how much time it will take to make my Life Vision come true, but I have also learned that the universe has its own timing. It doesn’t matter how much and when we want to achieve something because sometimes it’s just not the right timing for us. And I also know that it’s worthless to obsess over it. The trick is to embrace life and its gifts in the present moment without ever forgetting our inner truth. That truth is where our most personal vision resides. Our job is to connect with it and never deny it. Our job is to keep ourselves inspired and motivated to wake up each day and work towards something that is very dear to us.

If you don’t have a Life Vision yet, I recommend you to read and do the exercises I suggested in these two blog posts:

And are you on Instagram too? Let’s hang out in there – you can follow my daily stories and have access to short-quick wellbeing hacks:


19 thoughts on “How to Create Your Life Vision

  1. I really connect with what you said about needing meaning and purpose in what you’re doing. I was just thinking that today (and I have been a lot lately!) as I picked up toys off of the ground how the act of picking up is very mundane but when I put meaning into it, suddenly it becomes an enjoyable experience. I love everything you wrote, and feel inspired to create a vision board as well! Love this 💚

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  2. I love this idea! My mentor was just telling me about a visualization exercise where you write down where you want to be in the future personally or professionally (years from now or months from now), including all the little details. Once you write it down, you work to make it a reality. Perhaps a bit like a Life Vision?

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  3. Another wonderful thought provoking post. I have never had a clear vision about where I want to be. There is one thing that springs to mind in terms of my dream job, but I keep finding that my current job gets in the way of working towards this. I often work long hours and come home exhausted. Weekends are my only free time at the moment, and even then, they seem to be full of other things to do at the moment. I have my week off soon, so maybe whilst I am away, I will make some time to put some more wheels in motion to help me to achieve my dream 🧚🏻‍♀️

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    1. Thank you lovely. How does your dream job look like? The air here does wonders, if you have a think, I’m sure you will have an insight and who knows if you don’t come back with an idea or a plan to put in action. Some things also only happen when the right time comes… it has taken me years to venture myself out. I will try to post the vision board exercise soon, maybe is something you can put your creativity on and get even more excited about this year’s journey 💕

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      1. My dream job is to write. From when I was young I have always loved writing. I’ve been through phases of wanting to do different styles of writing, but it always comes back to writing. Fingers crossed Portugal helps me to find some inspiration. I will keep my eyes peeled for your vision board exercise 🤗💕

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      2. That sounds a wonderful dream job and one you should definitely pursue 😊 I will be on the look out too to know what comes out from your trip to Portugal! I need writing neighbours haha ❤️

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