2-Months Recovery From Binge Eating

  • This blog post is about my progress and recovery journey from Binge Eating, an eating disorder characterised by over-consumption of food as a coping mechanism
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Two months in Lisbon, two months of recovery from Binge Eating. I don’t know how much weight I have lost, but I do know I have lost a couple of good centimetres. It’s the first time I fully say I’m proud and happy with my achievement, but I really am!

I have been dealing with Binge Eating disorder for many years. I went from morbid obese to plum weight in my teen years, but Binge Eating always stuck with me, because I learnt to use it as a coping mechanism when in stress or emotionally overwhelmed.

Recent years have been pretty stressful and my eating disorder got out of control. I can now also see how even my codependency programming has been related to this issue and how being disconnected from myself has led me to multiple chronic disease symptoms such as fibromyalgia and low-back pain. The common thread being, of course, emotional denial and suppression.

Over the past six months I became aware, nonetheless, of the need to feel and realign myself with my inner truth. I realised I had reached a limit and that I couldn’t continue using food and men to ease the pain of not owning myself. That’s when I started contemplating different life options and made the first decision of returning to Lisbon.

The inner work has continued though. My return was only the first step of many to clear out my way in life. Since I arrived, my priority has been to gain physical strength by eating in a healthier manner and walking a lot. If I stop taking care of my body two days in a row, my back pain comes back to impair me and my mind starts playing old records.

Another priority has been to sit down with my emotions and feelings. Whenever there is some discomfort, I stop to pay attention and I ask myself what is that about. This has been a huge change for me and I believe it is also the major reason why I haven’t had the urge to look for food when in distress. I have faced my inner reality and I have peeling off layers and layers of old codependency programming.

In sum, what I would really like to say in this post is that we can overcome anything we put our mind, body, and spirit into. It’s not easy at all, because it consumes a lot of our energy in the beginning. However, the energy you spend clearing out yourself and your way in life will create space for new and more uplifting energy patterns. As long as you don’t give up on yourself, things will get better.

PS: I never, ever, ever, ever loved myself as much as I do love now and I think that’s very important to any recovery process.


  1. I’m SO happy you’re feeling so much love for yourself now! That’s a huge step! I am subscribed to your YouTube channel now 😊 I can relate to what you said about it being a vicious cycle with overeating and being tired and then eating more for energy. I’m going to start walking again tomorrow! It’s been surprisingly warm here lately for winter, and I’m seeing it as a chance to get moving!

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    1. Welcome to the channel ❤️ and thanks for subscribing, hope I don’t disappoint with the video content haha 🙈 How did the walk go? I totally get the feeling – when it’s cold, dark, and rainy, gets tricky, especially for HSP 😹


      1. Thank you! I love your video content! The walk went really great! I ended up walking almost 3 miles🥳 I’ve been lucky lately and it’s been sunny, even though it’s still pretty cold!

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      2. Three miles 🥳 that’s a great start!! Well done you! 👣 In which state are you? Or are you based in Canada? That’s a lot of cold… 🤐


      3. Thank you!! I felt really good after! I’m in Idaho 😃 usually it’s snowy throughout January but we’ve pretty much had maybe 3 light snowy days and it never sticks this year! Super weird haha! But in enjoying being able to get outside more!

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  2. It is both motivating and inspiring to read about working against those unhealthy eating patterns and getting at peace with yourself. I did my first step and already feel better. Reading these kind of stories is incouraging for making another step further. Is there some program of support held in English in Lisbon for binge eaters? Thank you for sharing the story.

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    1. Thank you ❤️ It’s really a hard journey. I broke my progress in the meantime again due to stress. I’m sure there are programs for it, but I honestly think we are years behind on the treatment of bing eating – more often than not it’s related to deeper aspects we are not even aware of and traditional approaches don’t go that deep. Are you following a specific program?

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      1. It doesn’t matter that it is not going smoothly sometimes – it is still progress! I am not following any specific program, but writing and talking about it keeps me highly motivated for now so I would give those support groups a chance. Unfortunately, as far as I know, they are being held only in Portuguese and I cannot follow it, but that is why I will be around documenting the whole process. I agree that the problem is related to a deeper aspect, but binging is not helping either, so lets at least solve that one. I’m cheering for you! 😉

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