Starting A Business From The Bottom

I just sat my bum on my comfy and warm bed to share with you what I have been up to these days. I was having a lot of difficulty with structuring a business where I can have the freedom to be the consultant, the academic, the campaigner, the change maker, the creative and the leader of a more conscious way of generating wealth and wellbeing for all. I basically didn’t know whether I should narrow down my entrepreneurial vision, or simply wait for some lightbulb moment.

I ended up not narrowing it down and I didn’t wait for a bright moment either. Instead, I asked the universe for help and I think I have now found a way to pack everything together. I feel an intricate need to create and contribute to a happier, healthier, and wealthier working class. This means I want to make good use of my psychology degrees, but I also want to transform the way organisations and human beings are taken care of (YES, taken care of, NOT MANAGED!).

On another hand, I also want to generate jobs. I want to make sure that more people like me can change their lives and follow their dreams. I want to make sure that both young and old people have a place to do what they consider to be meaningful work. I want to hire all the incredible and talented people out there who never got to see the sun shinning on their face. Plus, I want to build a new way of making business by following a model that respects the interests and the wellbeing of everyone. In other words, I want to create the company I haven’t found to work for.

So this week I literally rolled up my sleeves and I started working on a project that I believe will have the capacity to generate jobs, promote intergenerational work and organisational age diversity, retrain people, reduce loneliness in old age, and address expat homesickness. To make this possible, I sat down with an old sewing machine, I figured out how to use it and where to sew. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to manifest in reality what I had seen with my mind’s eye and I now have a prototype almost finished. I probably astral travelled during sleep and learned how to sew from my great grandmother (*laughs*), but the most amazing thing was that I saw myself appreciating the generation of women who sat and still sit down in factories sewing hours and days in a row to feed themselves and their family. Being able to create a wearable product seems so much more admirable than any PhD work.

The best of all for me is that I get to link everything with my blog, my story, and my intellectual skills of which I’m always ashamed of, because it’s so much easier to let myself be Bridget Jones instead of fully stepping into Rachel Hollis mode. It’s so much easier to keep failing, complaining, and letting it be. It’s so much easier to let life happen in my face and never claim my aspirations. It’s so much easier to focus on what can’t be fixed. I know I sound like a crazy person, but I’m telling you. I’m on a ride to get what I want. And the next step is to pick up my pink blazer and yellow shoes from G’s house, because I’m going to need them for the upcoming stages.


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