Do I Still Have Time?

If you missed my last blog post, I am currently spending the night at Gatwick’s airport. I love this kind of thing, because it always gives me a story to tell. After the bag mystery being solved, I moved to the second floor and I have been observing. Well, I have been reading and catching up with WordPress as well. While I was scrolling, a young girl with a huge backpack sat next to me. She seemed so young, wild and free. She was everything opposite to what I am feeling – old, grumpy, and locked.

One of my “hotel” roommates.

She reminded me of all the craziness I haven’t done yet. I have been so politically correct, so eager to do things right and obey to what I think it is expected of me. I made myself a prisoner of life when life is too precious to go through it as a prisoner. This girl gave me courage to go back to those thoughts that have been secretly hidden at the back of my drawers.

Do I still have time to pack my things and leave by the end of the year? Do I still have time to go, see the world, write about it, and teach whatever I feel like it? Do I still have time to finish this never ending dissertation, move on with my wellbeing project and go find myself in different cultures? Do I still have time to share a meal with a Tibetan monk and make a silence vow in India? Do I still have time to learn how expats live the good life in Bali?

I’m loving to be spending the night here. Sadly I don’t have much battery left. Oh, before I forget: after the bag situation, and when I was already here on the second floor, the police came around carrying huge guns. They brought the dogs too and we weren’t given any notice about being “searched”. While the dog went through my stuff I couldn’t avoid but look to the policeman with my very Portuguese face: what the hell do you think you are doing?! I would have taken a photo to document it but I would have probably got myself in a big trouble…


3 thoughts on “Do I Still Have Time?

  1. You still have so much time to accomplish your dreams! You are certainly not old! I still have these dreams too at the ripe age of 35. The only thing currently stopping me is my finances, but once I find those, there will be no stopping me, even if that means fulfilling my dream in my 30s, 40s or even my 50s or 60s ✈️🗺

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    1. True 😊 Sometimes I just feel like I lost a “lot” of time doing things that caused me more harm than good when I could have been more brave and ventured myself into a different path back then. That’s when these questions pop up but you are totally right, it will never be too late and there will always be time for us to everything we have dreamed of ❤️


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