Celebrating Diversity Among Women & The Badass Mystic Nurturer Archetype

I grew up with Spice Girls and I think people missed their iconic message over the years. They had “Girl Power” as a motto and each one of them represented a different side of the feminine, celebrating diversity among women and empowering us to be who we are in the first place. I used to be a huge Spice Girls’ fan. I would printout t-shirts with photos of them and I was the happiest pre-teen when I got a pair of platform ankle boots. As I got older, I started to hate the fact I had been such a fan of Spice Girls. How could women be ever taken seriously that way? I became a “feminist”.

Today I’m a fan again, because I realise how life was happier when I listened to Spice Girls. Life was happier before my formal rejection of diversity among women. For me, real women became women with brains. Real women became eloquent and academically savvy. There was no space for baby, sporty, scary, posh, or ginger spice. There was only a special hate for women who didn’t conform to my new notion of how a woman should be like. I stopped using pink and I hated the usual corridor small-talk. I was against hysterical screams and I would endlessly criticise the mini-skirt, the extravagant make-up and the little concern for being knowledgeable.

My relationship and notion of the feminine has changed though. It started to change when I became sick every time I tried to keep living life disconnected from my femininity. I disconnected myself from my creativity, mysticism, and emotions. From time to time I would have spurs of being the artist or the writer, but I would soon go back to my little black box and glitter was not allowed in there. It was safer to assume that version of being than to accept and empower myself through a female archetype that receives little attention until today – the badass mystic nurturer.

Women who are mystic nurturers and badasses are women who are warriors with a heart. They care for others, but they don’t tolerate social injustice or mistreatment. They are all for the minorities and they often put themselves at the bottom of their priorities’ list. They daydream a lot and they are creative in their nature. They like to feel life running through their veins and they can’t say no to passion. They can foresee and create the future. They like to be alone in order to make sense of their thoughts but they can’t live without the authentic presence of other people. We like boyfriend ripped jeans and maxi dresses, but we walk barefoot in the woods. We prefer wooden to diamond earrings and we prefer wild flowers to expensive restaurants. We are the women who were hunted by the Inquisition, accused of witchcraft, and we feel misplaced in the world until today.

Few of us already know that there is power in being intuitive. There is power in being wise. There is power in being artistic. There is power in being the quiet voice in the woods. There is power in being the one who floats in the water. There is power in being the one who looks at a starry sky and receives lessons from the past and images from the future. There is power in being us… and if today I accept and celebrate all the baby, sporty, scary, posh, and ginger spices out there is because I have been learning to accept and celebrate my own womanhood. It may be different from the mainstream, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be a woman I am not. There is diversity among women and that’s what International Women’s Day should be about too.

I’m learning to love myself more each day so I can also love you more. I still don’t like corridor small-talk and I never will, I think. However, I don’t judge or hate the portion of women who like it, because I don’t like to be judged for being different either. I don’t like to feel that the way I am is wrong and I don’t want to make someone else feel that way just because their way of being is different from mine. Today I choose to celebrate female diversity and I choose to respect each one of us by respecting myself first – I’m a badass mystic nurturer and there is nothing wrong with that!


  1. Feminism. This is still a total blur for me. But it hurts me each time people think women are powerless. Women is one of my concentrations in my blog *please check out my About Page. The first paragraph tells how everything started and how much I feel that women should “claim” their places in this world, and I want it to share with you. Please feel free to delete what’s inside these asterisks. Am just sharing random things* . I’m not really sure how am I gonna do it but reading this post gave me another push from the back. You’re an inspiration. ❀

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    1. Girl, you look at you! You’re amazing. I admire what you are doing and the vision you have for the future. Regarding the feminism, I think it’s so biased at the moment that once I read the following quote my argument is to only be a humanist: “I feel like we should stop calling feminists ‘feminists’ and just start calling people who aren’t feminist ‘sexist’ – and then everyone else is just a human. You are either a normal person or a sexist.” (Maisie Williams) β™₯️


  2. Totally love this post! I WANNABE a badass mystic nurturer! (Maybe I am one!)
    I never used to wear pink (as my Nana told me it didn’t suit me many many moons ago) but then a couple of years ago I was just sort of drawn to a pair of pink shades… and it’s now a major colour feature in my wardrobe – such a feminine and pretty and happy colour! It SPICES UP my LIFE! And so does your blog (sorry for the cheese!) πŸ˜‰

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    1. Pink shades? That’s audacious! Do you still have them? I’ve been drawn for years to those shades with a heart shape… but I don’t think I have the guts yet to wear those in public haha. Colour says a lot about our moods and it can affect it too – even if your Nana was right (some people have eye for those things, I certainly don’t), there are so many shades of pink that it’s impossible to say that pink doesn’t suit someone 😊 I’m happy you now have pink in your wardrobe! Thank you for bringing happiness and life my way too! (from cheese to cheese!) πŸŽ€


  3. Loved this! You are so right, sometimes we don’t even realize how we start to judge other women even though we’re rallying behind feminists! P.s. the spice girls are on my classroom playlist! lol

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