Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: All You Need To Know (March 5 to 28)

Note: This wonderful and inspiring blog post is brought to you by Helen, author of The Astrology Page. If you love to read about what is going on with the planets and how to work with their energies to enhance your spiritual wellbeing as well as have a better understanding of your birth chart, then you will love to visit and work with Helen!

Mercury, the planet of communications, expression and the mind is in retrograde until 28th March. Sometimes Mercury can get a bad rep; however it can be a blessing in disguise. When in retrograde, it is an opportunity to rethink issues and reflect on our life. It can bring up situations to give us a second chance, to learn the lessons from matters we thought were closed; an opportunity to respond differently or find a new perspective on something that triggers us.

Mercury is currently in the sign of Pisces, the energy of dreams, visions and creativity. As the Mercury retrograde expresses itself, it reflects the emotional, intuitive energy of Pisces; listen to it! Listen to your intuition at this time; listen to your inner voice and the messages coming from your spirit. You may receive visions or omens from the divine sending you warning signals; pay attention to these.


  • Communications that need a lot of logical thinking
  • New projects that demand strategic effort
  • Conversations that require making concrete decisions.

To find out where Mercury Retrograde is touching your life right now, and what matters you can expect to revisit, read your Rising sign below:

♈️ Aries

Spirituality, your fears, the shadow side

♉️ Taurus:

Friendships, networks + social circles

♊️ Gemini:

Career + ambitions

♋️ Cancer:

Travel, study

♌️ Leo:

Joint finances, sex.

♍️ Virgo:

Love, relationships, + partnerships.

♎️ Libra:

Daily routines in work + health

♏️ Scorpio:

Kids, creativity, romance + pleasure

♐️ Sagittarius:

The home, family, all things domestic

♑️ Capricorn:

Communications + siblings.

♒️ Aquarius:

Cash, property, possessions + how you value yourself

♓️ Pisces:

Your identity, appearance + how you come across to the world


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