Prescriptions From Dr Love by Dr Suzy Al Mushcab (Book Review)

I was recently gifted with the book Prescriptions from Dr Love“, written by Dr Suzy Al Mushcab, a former medical doctor who decided to become a Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor and a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. In a nutshell, this book is about the journey of a patient towards good health, greater happiness, and wellbeing. This blog post is a sincere review of the book.

Book cover
Dr Suzy Al Mushcab

The first thing I liked about this book was its subtitle, 10 ways to transform dis-ease to ease. I didn’t know anything yet about what the book would be about, but I had an immediate feeling that I was connecting with an author who was somehow familiar with eastern healing traditions. Call it intuition or a lucky random guess, but I was very happy to read about Dr Suzy Al Mushcab’s story and the intention behind the book: share an inspiring journey towards good health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

The second thing I liked most was the immense love and gentleness that I felt in each page. The author alternates between herself and Dr Love, offering us a magic reading experience that allows us to understand both the patient and the doctor’s point of view. Throughout the book, Dr Suzy is the patient and Dr Love, her higher self, the doctor who offers guidance from a very heart-centred place. She describes not only the consultations, but also what she felt and thought throughout her healing process. From the importance of taking care of our body to the ability of loving ourselves, Dr Suzy shares her personal journey from resistance to acceptance of Dr Love’s prescriptions, which sets me to talk about the third aspect that I loved about the book!

In each chapter of the book, you will find a brief introduction to a specific topic of holistic health. You will be able to learn, for instances, the basic Ayurvedic principles and how to set goals, but you will also have a chance of following Dr Love’s prescriptions like if you were the patient yourself. Hence, in each chapter you will find Dr Love’s prescriptions notes pulled out from the main text and even signed! I found this detail really captivating and it made me feel even more connected with the book’s message and teachings.

The only thing that I didn’t enjoy so much abut the book is that I wished it had been longer and more detailed in some aspects such as the chapter on goal setting. Sometimes was hard to separate the patient’s journey from the main message or teaching of a chapter. All in all, however, I really enjoyed reading Dr Suzy’s book and I felt deeply touched by her attitude towards life and others. Her message is filled with love and kindness. It’s an invitation for us to be more loving and more compassionate towards ourselves and others. It really made me want to consult Dr Love and receive the same heart-centred treatment. The best thing is that I can go through the book and emulate the same process of healing thanks to Dr Love’s prescriptions notes!


    1. This sounds like a really interesting book!
      I need a new book to read so will add this to my list.
      Thank you for sharing!
      Alyssa xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dearest Vanessa,
        I am very grateful for your review and also pleased to know that you enjoyed reading it and it’s message resonated with you.

        I totally agree with you that more details could have been added however, it is meant to be a short read. I would be more than happy to have a one on one conversation.
        Thank you again for your feedback. It is sooooo appreciated .

        Suzy with love from Dr love

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