My Wellbeing Teachers: A List of 12 People Who Have Helped Me Flourish

Sundays used to be days in which I would sit down at my desk to prepare the following week. I loved the feeling of starting my new week earlier than most people around me and that would eliminate the blue and dread feelings about Monday. There is something highly magical about planning and organising ourselves. Kendra talked here, in fact, about some of the benefits of being organised and how our wellbeing is incredibly boosted by it.

Learning new things is another important pillar of wellbeing, because it helps us being engaged with something that inspires and touches our deepest human needs. We are naturally curious beings and, even though the educational system has pretty much destroyed our natural love for learning, I believe everyone likes to understand the ‘why’ behind the issues they are most passionated about. For instances, I’m passionated about human motivation and flourishing, so I always want to learn more and more about what drives us as a species and what makes us ‘us’.

This to say that Sundays are also one of those days in which I try to cultivate my learning muscle and I thought that you could be interested in knowing some of my teachers. Like most people, I never had the money to invest in big transformational coaching programs (and that’s why I try to make programs more affordable, by the way) or personal growth conferences. They are wonderful indeed, absolutely incredible if conducted by the right teacher or coach, but when you don’t have a stable job and you can barely pay your bills, paying three thousand pounds for a weekend retreat might not be that realistic.

Thus, I’m here to share with you my list of online teachers, people who have inspired me to live up to my dreams and fuelled my desire to make life changing teachings more accessible (and practical) to people I write to and work with. With no further delay, here is my list:

  • Meditation: Sarah Blondin
  • Yoga: Yoga With Adriene
  • Workout: The Body Project
  • Business Coaching: Brooke Castillo
  • Motivation: Tony Robbins
  • High Sensitivity / Empaths: Elaine Aron
  • Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma: Lisa Romano
  • Health and Childhood Attachment: Dr Gabor Maté
  • Writing: Rachel Hollis
  • Astrology: Wonder Girl
  • Energy: Lee Harris
  • Mediumship: Márcia Fernandes

I hope you can take some good advantage of this list and that you may find something new to learn today or over the upcoming week. If you already know any of these teachers, let me know which and what was the most important thing you learned. My favourite teacher at the moment is Sarah Blondin, with whom I learned that meditation can work as long as you find the right teacher for you. She has helped my meditation practise a lot.

FLOURISHING: “a state where people experience positive emotions, positive psychological functioning and positive social functioning, most of the time” (Fredrickson and Lousada, 2005)


  1. Another great post!! Fantastic advice and list. You can always benefit from opening your mind to learn new things. It’s time to work on changing our education system and make others love learning!! It’s so vital!

    Thanks for sharing! I never get bored with your work! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, that’s the happiest thing you could tell me, not being boring to someone as creative as you is a top-notch compliment for me, thank you! 😀 I subscribe that 200%, poor kids if we suffered, I can’t imagine them today, the contrast is way harsher I think!


  2. I recently started watching a video by Yoga with Adrienne. I’d been having neck/upper back pain. I think one of revealing moments of the video I was watching was when it said that sometimes the neck/shoulder pain, I believe, manifests when we’re not able to see more than one side. & I could see how it applied to my life.

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